Passions Collide

Passion.  I love that word so much.  I’m using the word in reference to things that light us up.  Make us beam with happiness and anticipation for the fun to come.   A lot of the time we can schedule our passions.  So they are all neat and tidy and we can just be in the moment.  But what happens when we are passionate about many things and the opportunities come flying at us at a million miles an hour?  That’s happening for me today.  Here we go:

1.  My passion for this web site.  So many fun things to do.  An AStore is in development for your shopping fun, interviews with beyond fabulous people, and live dates for us to play together.  And so many things to discuss and write about!  My head is spinning with ideas!

2.  Improv Comedy is another serious passion of mine.  My improv group has shows this month and rehearsal tonight in Boston.  Rehearsal is right in the middle of the first Patriots game tonight.  Which brings me to passion #3. 

3.  Anyone who knows me knows how nuts I am for football.  3 Fantasy Teams, listen on the radio, watch whenever humanly possible.  And being at Gillette Stadium watching a game?  I am in bliss.

4.  Meeting up in Boston to party it up with my amazing friends in Boston during the Patriots game.

5.  Working out:  It’s an absolutely perfect day for an hour long walk at the beach.  Beach is another huge passion.

So what does a passionate girl do when her passions collide?  Can I really cram it all in?  In the process of cramming can I actually be in the moment and not be thinking about all the other things I’m trying to cram in?  LOL.  Absolutely!  And here’s how.

1.  Last night (while listening to football) I made lists of amazing things for the Astore, wrote, and the hours went by because I loved what I was doing.

2.  Improv:  I know rehearsal is scheduled during the game, and this will be a little challenge for me to really concentrate on playing my butt off in rehearsal.  I’ll be edgy if I don’t respect passion #5.

3.  I’ll be able to watch the beginning of the football game, watch and party with friends after rehearsal, and listen to the pre-and post game shows during my drives to and from Boston.

4.  Having some fun with friends at the end of the day?  Yes!  I can truly relax after a crazy day, have a drink and play play play.

5.  Working out.  This for me pulls everything together.  I push the edginess out of my body.  I’ll go for my long beach walk.  Then I’ll take a few minutes to kick box out any edginess before I shower, put on my Patriot jersey and head to Boston. 

So how about you, lovely ones?  Do you have any tricks to share how you deal with all your passions?  I would love to hear about it.  (And maybe apply them in my life!)  Love, Goddess

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