Perfect Personalized Gift-Here It Is!

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When your best girlfriend wins an Oscar, make sure you’re there to take her picture! 

It’s so much fun to give the perfect personalized gift.  How can you make a persons’ face light up with joy?  Truly one of the best feelings in the world!  The only problem is, the more you love someone, the more you want to show them and have their face light up.  And if that person is someone who has everything they need and are low maintenance?  It can get even more frustrating.  I have a little solution for you.  It isn’t very expensive and takes a little planning but it’s a really thoughtful gift that really helps in these situations.  It’s not sexy.  It’s incredibly practical.  I never see it in all those “what to get for the person who has everything lists” in magazines and online!  It’s something that would mean way more than a store-bought product.  What is it?

A meaningful picture.  A moment caught in time that will last forever.

I do this for those I love.  And you can do it too!  All you have to do is think about what that person loves to do, who they love to do it with and then take the picture.  Make a nice collage and put it in a frame.  Voila.  The perfect personalized gift.  Here are some examples to inspire you:

  1. My brother and Dad are SO difficult to buy for.  If they need something…even around their birthdays or Christmas, they can’t wait!  They just buy it.  Leaving the family scrambling for ideas. So my counter attack was to take pictures of them doing their hobbies together.  The first one is a picture of them fishing on a brilliant summer day.  I put it in a big frame and they loved it.  Next up is golf.
  2. Dad:  Make a collage of the two of you.   Arrange pictures of you growing up doing things with him.  Put a nice picture of him in the middle.  This is the perfect personalized Father’s Day gift.  It works with Christmas or Birthdays too!
  3. My Mom has a best friend who lives in California.  They absolutely adore each other and it is so cute.  Every year they get together at a nearby resort, have lunch and reminisce. They look forward to doing this together every year.  I surprised them and took pictures as they were arriving for their “annual luncheon.”  I made two sets of pictures so both would have them.
  4. Think of the loved ones’ hobbies/loves.  Take pictures of them doing it.
  5. Have a difficult to buy for girlfriend?  Make a collage of you together.  Doing the things you love.
  6. Always take a picture of an important event and then frame for a gift.  One year the whole family when to Disney World.  I wanted all the generations together for a picture in front of Cinderella’s Castle.  I can’ t tell you how difficult it was, but it was SO worth it!
  7. Traditions.  Eating around the table during a holiday with everyone saying “Cheers!”  Tailgating, sporting events, etc.

With a little thought, a little planning and some humor, even the most difficult of people on your list will enjoy a meaningful picture.  Those special moments and loves all wrapped up for them to enjoy for years to come!  The perfect personalized gift!  Now get “snapping.”  Love, Goddess

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