Playing With a New Look-Kim Kardashian

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Playing with a new look.  When was the last time you did that?  We did it all the time growing up.  We couldn’t wait to try on Mom’s make-up, clothes, shoes and perfume.  Then we grew up.  We get dressed up for special occasions, but putting on make-up and adding a touch of glamour to everyday life can be a chore.  Recently I realized how much fun getting back to this play can be!

This re-awakening took place because of several things.

1.  My best friend Mary Ann does an amazing job applying make up.  She did mine when we had a weekend away.  She gave me a look that I would have never thought of.  Because of that experience, I started to apply the basics when I left the house. 

2.  I started looking forward to playing with my make-up before leaving the house.  Not in a million years did I think I would.  I also started noticing my skin more.  It was looking a little blotchy.  So I started taking better care of my skin.   My skin is so much better now!  I get compliments.  See what a little attention to you can do?

3.  Tonight I was getting ready to go out.  I turned on the tube for entertainment.  I flicked away and came upon Kim Kardashian.  Normally I think this gorgeous woman wears too much make-up.  Today I liked how she looked.  Smokey eyes with a light tan lip gloss.  So I did my make up like hers.  With a lighter touch.  I loved the tan lipgloss more than anything.  I have dark lips and have always gone with berry glosses.  It was a surprising discovery.

So when was the last time you played with your beauty stash, honey?  Why don’t you try it.  Get a magazine and copy a look you love.  Copy your favorite celebrity’s look.  Try Kim Kardashians’s look above.  Make it your own.  What feature is your favorite?  Play it up.  Try ripe lips with glowy skin.  Try an eyeshadow in a kit you thought you would never wear. Put a few tiny spots of glitter at the corner of your eyes.

Bitch it up by going to a fun place and having your favorite cocktail or bite to eat.

Bitch it up further—buy a fun new make-up kit.  Something a little out of your comfort zone.  Ulta has amazing, affordable ones.

In conclusion:  For years I wore next to no make-up.  I would buy a kit and it would just sit in my drawer.  I’m discovering how fun it can be to use these things!   Decorating and adorning your gorgeous face with a splash of color is a way to apply a little love and celebration to you.  Give yourself that little extra time.  Discover, play and enjoy.

Love, Goddess

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4 thoughts on “Playing With a New Look-Kim Kardashian

  1. There are alot of tutorials on youtube to look at for make-ups and hair-dos too! It’s really fun. I learned how to do a rockabilly hair-do on youtube. Never wore it in public yet, but perhaps next time I have a fun night out, I’ll try. 🙂

  2. It really is so much fun to play with. And thank you for your always on point make up tips! 🙂

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