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Courses are available live via Telephone Conference Call or Skype Internationally!

Being a Sassy Bitch is all about confidence.  Bitch University (BU) has courses designed to help you get rid of your Drama Queen and soar into Your Sassy Confident Bitch.  Here are some of the subjects Bitch University will address:

  1. What do you want?  How grounding yourself in what lights you up leads to joy.
  2. Envy and Jealousy:  Keys to what you truly want. How to turn them into positives.
  3. Embracing Your Inner Goddess:  Loving your femininity.
  4. Amazing Women:  Identifying what women you admire, their traits, and how they can inspire you daily.
  5. The messy emotions:  How to Turn Your Drama Queen into a Sassy Bitch.
  6. Listening to your Body:  How to slow down and listen to the information it gives you.
  7. Men:  What makes them tick.  How to turn your anger at them into a celebration for them and you.
  8. Appreciation.  How putting attention on the good in your life makes everything else better!

As you move through the course, you may hit upon topics that you may want to focus or expand upon.  Courses at BU can be adapted according to your needs.  Assignments will be provided for you to do at your leisure.  These are designed to keep you inspired, positive and moving forward. For extra motivation the course includes email to see how these assignments are going and to answer your questions.

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Courses Currently available.  Click on link for details:

  1. Your Re-Awakening
  2. Emotional Rescue
  3. Negativity:  Kick it to the Curb!

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