Protesting Winter!

Protest Winter!  Gorgeous Summer Image found at Web 3 Mantra
Protest Winter! Let’s play! Gorgeous Summer Image found at Web 3 Mantra


Protesting Winter!

It’s time.  Where I live it was -33 with wind chill last night!  I am literally wearing two coats every time I venture out of the house.  So what are we going to do?  PROTEST!  Do all things that will warm us up, peel off the layers of clothing and work our warm weather mojo:


  1. Book a trip to somewhere tropical.  Groupon has amazing deals at the moment!
  2. Throw a tropical party…the whole 9 yards.  Drinks with umbrellas, summer music mix, tikki lights, tacky island shirts, tropical fruit and food items. Serve drinks in coconuts.
  3. Throwing a tropical party too much?  Barbeque Pot Luck Dinner.
  4. Be a Bronze Goddess in winter…tanning lotion, bronzer, shimmer.  Don’t look fake.  Make everyone think you just got back from the Bahamas.  Enjoy the jealous stares!
  5. Make some real old fashioned lemonade.  Just like the kind you crave on a hot summer day.  Whether you spike it or not is up to you…
  6. Buy a gorgeous, exotic bouquet of flowers.  Find ones that smell amazing!  Separate and fill your home with vases of fresh blooms.
  7. Have a carpet pic nick…complete with basket of goodies to eat, trashy novels AND or summer blockbuster movies.
  8. Stand outside in the sun and blow bubbles.
  9. Make smores.
  10. Treat yourself to a gorgeous pedicure in a bright summer hue.
  11. Road trip…just go anywhere SOUTH.  I don’t care if it’s one town over.  It’s the fun behind it that counts!
  12. For your road trip, party, barbeque:  Get a watermelon and cut out a couple bottle size holes.  Fill with your fave liquor…like Malibu Rum.  Repeat until it’s all soaked in and yummy.

Questions?  Good.  Now get protesting!  Love, Goddess

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