Rapunzel and Her Tower

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Rapunzel and her tower.  Last night I was watching Disney’s Tangled.  The first time the tower appeared in the movie I started to cry.  My brat got thoroughly disgusted with me and started saying things like:  You are so pitiful. Crying because of a fairy tale!  Boo hoo.  My Bitch said, shut up and cry.  You’ll get the answer if you cry.

I did this morning while sweeping away the downed branches from yesterdays’ hurricane.  We all have towers that we are trapped in.  To keep us safe from the really scary things.  Fully loving, fully feeling, fully grasping and succeeding.  And we don’t even know it.  We can’t see it.  I see it in numerous people that write me and comment on this site.  I cried because I’m so desiring for everyone else to see it, but I can’t for them.  I so want you to see that your anger is not serving you.  That you are not as insecure as you seem.  You may be searching for “depression symptoms” on the web, looking for an answer to solving or managing your anger or stress.  Know that you are much more confident than it seems!

Back to Rapunzel.  Rapunzel, in Tangled, gets what she wants because she doesn’t quit on her dreams.  It’s what drives her.  Even though the Witch uses every trick up her sleeve to get her to stay put in the tower.  The Witch is symbolic of “the noise.”  The noise is what I talk about all the time on this site.  People who put you down or say you can’t do something.  That’s their fear talking.  Their manipulation.  That’s their problem.  YOU have to be strong enough to not listen and take care of yourself.  The noise feeds your fear if you let it.  When Rapunzel finally breaks free of the tower she is in a quandary.  Part of her is elated and enjoying every drop of her freedom.  Then the noise from the Witch takes over.  Her “Mom’s” words are affecting her enjoyment of her freedom.  That guilt is taking over her power.  Eventually she chooses her dream which gives her her power:  Seeing the Lantern Ceremony up close.  This dream gives her the strength to battle the snags and dangers she encounters along the way.  She even rescues the guy.  Rapunzel does not chase.  He chases her. (sassy wink)  And it leads her to the fulfillment of her dreams.  And so much more.  No Expectations Please  

What is your deepest fear?  Sometimes the thing we want most is the thing we fear the most.  That’s why we hold on so tight to some things.  Like men that don’t deserve the time of day from us.  These men serve us in a way, ladies.  Deep down we know they will hurt us.  We form a pattern.  We pick really bad men because if we pick a really good man and he leaves us…that would be the scariest thing of all.  Or what about success?  Success is very scary.  Everything we do is put under a microscope.  If we run a business there is so much that can weigh on us.  The responsibility of creating something that is safe and wonderful for our consumers.  Then, as we expand and employ people, we have to make sure we keep profits high so we can support all the new employees.  And their families.   One of the scariest things to do is just love.  Pure and simple.  So many people have hurt us in the past that it holds us back if we let it.  We build a tower around us to protect us from being hurt again.  We are stuck with the noise.  The Witch telling us it’s safer in here.  Don’t leave.  There’s no use.  You’re pathetic anyway.  You wouldn’t last out there in the world.  You’d fail.

Well I’m telling you to grab that frying pan and smash through your fear.  One stone at a time.  Or smash the tower in two…like Rapunzel did.  Which led to her greatest adventure…fulfillment of her dreams.

Love, Goddess

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2 thoughts on “Rapunzel and Her Tower

  1. Thank YOU, sooooooo much for writing this! This is exactly what I was just having a conversation about today. Being NEGATIVE gets us NOWHERE!! I’ve had a very crazy 4 years, gave up my social life, gave up school and a scholarship all to take care of my terminally ill grandmother. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s made me who I am today. Now I know that I want to be an actress and I am putting 100% into attaining this dream. I don’t always get the support I would like from the people I love (family). This can be difficult, ESP because I don’t have a man who loves me, to share this journey and experience with. So right now I am my own bestfriend and biggest FAN! You just confirmed everything I’ve ever believed in. Be gone with the NOISE and on with the POWER!!!

  2. Love how you worded this…’Be gone with the NOISE and on with the POWER!!!’
    I’ll post your brilliance on our Facebook page! xoxo Goddess

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