Rejuvenation and the Sassy B

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Rejuvenation…and all that Spring brings!

I was in a terrible mood today.  I’ve been sick for three weeks with the worst cough. I’ve been the most ungrateful and irritated creature known to humankind.  Nothing and no one could make feel better.  Because I didn’t want to feel better.  Bratty Bitch liked where she was.  And was I ever bratty.  Luckily I had a smidgeon of faith buried deep within me.  The little bit of faith that I just knew would snap me out of Bratty Pathetic Mode into party with it mode.  Thank GOD faith came through!  I had to share with you because we all go there…to the most pathetic of places.  The place of despair that is so annoying because it is so unjustified!  Then I realized what I needed.  Some Spring Rejuvenation.  STAT!

Time for some serious re-birth ladies. Just like the crocus that start peaking out below the dark earth…so shall we.  We will develop and explore all the rejuvenation that Spring symbolically brings.  To and for US.  Here are a few things I plan to do:

Spring Rejuvenation Party:

  1. I’m pulling it out!  My dusty and neglected list of wants, desires, adventures and treats!  I’m deleting the ones I don’t want anymore and adding all the new I do.  New adventures, travel plans…nail polish all of it!
  2. I’m bringing them all out.  All my forced bulbs will bloom in one delicious patch of Spring Rejuvenation in my home.  Just anticipating the delicious smell of the hyacinths is making me so happy!  If you didn’t force bulbs…no worries.  The grocery stores will be full of them soon for you to enjoy.
  3. On my next day off I am developing my Spring Body Rejuvenation Ritual.  I will devote at least 5 hours to honor my body, health, beauty and soul.
  4. Anything that is making me angry, bitter, stressed and worried is now to be proud of.  Inspired by and partied with.

That’s for starters.  I’ve even developed a new Rejuvenation Coaching Program to honor our re-birth:

Spring Rejuvenation Awakening Program!

What is included in the program:

  • Three weeks of live – via teleconference – 45 min phone sessions with me.  We study the joys, fears and more of feminine re-birth together.
  • Motivating and empowering homework, tips, tools and inspiration to help you rejuvenate, blossom and awaken your Sleeping Beauty.  This is key to owning your Sassy, Confident Bitch.
  • Email support from me for questions that come up during the course.
  • Before our first live teleconference I will customize the course for you…focusing on what you would love to see happen with you during your Re-Awakening process.

The price of my 3 week Private Coaching course is $350.00.  Email me at  to be included in the course. If you sign up before this Saturday, April 5th 2014 by 5:00pm: I’m adding an extra week of homework and email support for you.  I really want you to rock Spring like you never have before! Love, Goddess


“Thanks so much for your coaching program.  I knew I was coasting, but had no idea how much.”  Jenny

“I was bitter and enraged regarding my divorce.  I was searching for information on the web and your website came up.  It made sense!  I signed up and have really enjoyed our conversations in coaching.  Your course rejuvenated who I was before I got married was so fun.  Thanks for helping me rediscover my happy, sassy self!”  Susan

“After the first week and the exercises you gave me, I couldn’t believe how much lighter I felt.  I felt like I had dumped so much crap.  I was seeing how the Drama Queen was ruling my life.  Thank you for such an uplifting and inspiring program!  Denise

“I’ve rediscovered my feminine.  She was in a self-induced coma.  Thank you for helping me wake her up!”  Lauryn

“For the first time I can remember…I feel like ME.  Thank you.”  Jackie

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