Relationship Advice: The Seductress in Action

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Relationship Advice: The Seductress in Action, minette helvetius,mae west,ninon de lenclos, frank leslie,
Image of Minette Helvetius from the fab blog Raucous Royals

“Oh, there’s life in the old girl yet.” Graham Green

Relationship Advice: The Seductress in Action.  Old women can’t seduce, can’t charm, aren’t desirable?


Society is obsessed with youth.  With beauty.  What’s the deal with older women?  How do they capture the attention of those in the room from their younger counterparts?  Despite being stigmatized by society as being “over the hill,” “menopause mamas,” and “ugly and old.”  ?  Older seductresses are not swayed by these insults.  They don’t see them as such. They see them as a challenge to put the dissenters in their place. The back of the room!  Succumb to their “age issue?  Please.  Sassy Bitches roll their eyes at this judgement and forge ahead with their passions and desires. The ones that really get this disarm anyone who doesn’t respect them.  How?

  1. They disarm with brilliant conversation
  2. Older Seductresses know that men are attracted to older women on a deep level.  Men are attracted to their wisdom, wit, maternal nurture and seismic sexuality

Ninon De Lenclos took a lover at the age of 80 as a birthday present.  The amusing thing about this?  The man had approached her about making love to her when she was in her youth. Finally, tired of rejecting him she told him she would bed him “When I’m 80.”  He took her literally and he was on her doorstep the moment she turned 80.  Amused, she granted him his desire.  Many years earlier she decided to do something about mens’ cluelessness toward women.  She opened “The School of Gallantry,” to educate them on all things feminine.

Isabella Stewart Gardner was considered “old and ugly.”  Despite this, she landed the hottest, wealthiest bachelor in Boston and had throngs of young men follow her where ever she went.

Minette Helvetius didn’t see her wrinkles and moles at 61.  She saw all the life that was to be lived!  She had weekly jamborees at her salon in Paris.  She would greet all the men…the scholars, statesmen, poets and philosphers with delight.  These were the most sought after men in Paris and they wouldn’t miss a party thrown by Minette!  Seventy year old Benjamin Frankin felt like a young boy in her presence and was completely infatuated.   She repeatedly refused his offers of marriage.  She told him she was devoted to her salon and personal freedom.  Check out Raucous Royals for a fab article on Minette Helvetius.

Diane de Poitiers:  King Henry the II never made a decision without consulting Diane and couldn’t live without her. Despite Diane being 20 years older him.  Despite her “menopausal malady.” Which was attacked by the young and comely Queen Catherine de’ Medici.  Queen Catherine failed in her attempts to rid herself of Diane.

Relationship Advice: The Seductress in Action, minette helvetius,mae west,ninon de lenclos, frank leslie,
Image of Diane de Poitiers found on You Tube. Check out the video for more on her life.

Mae West would hand pick her studs for the night.  What was her secret?  No late nights, alcohol, cigarettes and sunlight.  She ate lots of healthy food, drank lots of bottled water and loved to exercise.  Mae was so orgasmic she could climax in thirty seconds.  Uhm…WOW!

Late nineteenth century no place for an independent woman?  Have you ever heard of Mrs. Frank Leslie? She made out with men and money.  She used a mans’ name to rake them all in:  success, husbands, lovers and money.  She was in her prime for all those pleasures in her sixties!  Don’t think you can have a Marquis and a Prince coming to blows over you in your sixties?  Mrs. Frank Leslie did in her parlor one night.  You are not living your ecstasy, honey… up your Sassy Bitch!

So the next time anyone makes you feel old, ugly or inadequate…remember these HOT Mamas.  They took the insults hurled at them and spun them into success and sexy GOLD. When any lady does this, young OR old…this is power.  Use it wisely.  (Warm and Sassy Smile) Love, Goddess

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