Relationship Issue: Rudeness

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Relationship issue:  male rudeness.  You meet a guy online and you start exchanging texts.  When you don’t want to give out too much information about yourself-exactly what a very Sassy Bitch would do, he is rude.  He makes a comment like:

  1. Oh come on!  I’m a nice guy!
  2. I don’t understand.
  3. Why?
  4. Do I seem like a stalker to you?  LOL…


If…in any way shape or form this guy you don’t know does something you don’t like, ignore.  Why waste one moment of your precious time on someone who you don’t know who is rude.  I see women doing this all the time!  I’m a member of womens’ groups on Google + and I cannot tell you how many do this.  Smart, gorgeous women who engage in this kind of nonsense from men.  The most effective way to deal with a man who is being rude or obnoxious is to ignore.  It works with all of them.  The ones you don’t know move on because they know you’re done.  So they move on trying to find another target.  It works with the men who care about you too.  If a man you know cares about you is rude this is what you do:

  1. Point out in a bottom line way.
  2. Then ignore.

Resist every urge to feel guilty or communicate.  This would be called back-peddling.  Then they know they hold all the cards with you.  Here is a recent example from me.  I have a very close male friend.  He is my partner in crime in so many fun ways.  A few weeks ago there was a “spark” of chemistry.  First one, for me, in the years we have been playing together.  We had a long conversation about what people have been saying and the “spark” the next day.  My best friend has been wanting us to get together.  People have been making comments about WHEN we are going to get together.  It ended in a stalemate.  He has concerns, so do I.  Who wouldn’t?  What I want is a man who WANTS me and shows it.  Not make me wonder, not leave it at a stalemate.  Next time this comes up, I’m stating it.  This story will continue at a later date…(cue mystery music)

So, now that you know the “need to know” about this man who loves me, the very NEXT day after our deep converstion he was rude to me.   He sends me a text regarding an opportunity for us.  He doesn’t say hi and tells me point-blank to do something.  I’m sitting with my brother who knows this man.  He was surprised at how rude he was.  I said, yeah…and demanding.  So I text him back:

Uhmmm…no hi, how are you?

He got it.  The next day HE did what he demanded me to do.  He was oh so much more pleasant.   No need to gloat, push his buttons or be snarky, hotties.  If a man loves you and is out of line, in most cases this will work.  Instead of worrying about it, you need to figure out a way to focus on your pleasure until he makes it right.  In this case, it was asap.  In other cases it may take longer.  You have to know that if men are rude or act inappropriately they may not say sorry, but they will clean up their act.  It all starts with us.  Communicate the bottom line and then go have some fun by focusing on you!  Love, Goddess

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