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Release comes in many forms!  Gorgeous image found at Browse Ideas:

The day before Thanksgiving I received bad news.  An opportunity I had worked for years and years for disappeared.  And there was no action – one of my fave words – to take to change it.  It was like a break up after 10 years of working so hard to keep things moving forward.  Worse still, I had to disappoint a lot of other people who were working hard along with me.  Perfect, right?  How was I supposed to be grateful for THIS?  Right before the day of all days to be thankful?

I’ve worked so hard at seeing the good amongst the “piles of shit,” that I know what to do.  The only thing I can do now is take ACTION on all the other opportunities around for us.  Move forward right away!   This did cause me some stress, however.  How do I tell all these people one of the most fulfilling opportunities we have had for years is no longer available?  And I have to tell them the day before a Holiday!  I talked it out with a person that I love and trust explicitly.  He confirmed what I already knew I had to do.  Perfect.

After I took care of the issue  I needed release.  Trouble is, I didn’t even know I needed it.  Life is so busy that we don’t know when we really need to let loose and release.  It takes slowing down —hard to do when there is so much to do and enjoy!  I felt good about how I handled everything.  I knew I wanted to celebrate with everyone all we had accomplished despite the “done opportunity.”  Sometimes it’s a little strange telling people to celebrate when they may not feel so good.  It’s one of my classic “You want to do what?” moments!

We celebrated anyway.  Toasted to all our successes.  Then I invited everyone to a private celebration I was having with my friend Mary Ann.  We were going out to dinner at this super sexy restaurant in Boston.  Two people came with us.  We had dinner and really yummy drinks.  I didn’t want the party to end so I said…”Let’s go dancing!”  So we did.  We wound up going to a nearby night club.  Perfect music and really yummy looking men…EVERYWHERE!

Mary Ann and I had a couple of shots of tequila and moved to the dance floor asap.  Even better…we found these raised pew/benches against the wall to dance on.  We like to be elevated at dance clubs.  Bar tops, benches, chairs…all good.  So anyway…we are dancing with two of my guy friends.  I really let go on my bench.  I danced so hard and it felt so good.  I realized this was the “release” I needed.  So I closed my eyes, and danced even harder…really letting go to the music.  Not caring one **** where I was.

When I opened my eyes there was a really hot guy staring at me.  I smiled warmly back to him then went back to my pleasurable release.  A few minutes later, when I opened my eyes again, I slowed down and enjoyed watching all the bodies below me dancing.  Another guy makes eye contact with me, points to me and then to the spot next to him on the dance floor.  I laugh and look away.  I do not go to a guy when he summons me.  The guy has to come to me if he is interested.  Flirting 101 girls!  Let a guy chase you.  A few minutes later a man did jump up on my bench to talk to me.  We danced and chatted for a few minutes, then one of my male friends came back and he assumed we were together so off he went.

A little while later we decided to leave.  We were blissfully “released” and had just the right amount of fun.  I am so grateful for the release on Friday night.  The letting go of my “break up” and the celebrating and “release” of any tension I had.  So your assignment today at Bitch University is to KNOW how to “release.”  Notice when something feels incredible while you are doing it…and do it more!  Love, Goddess

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