Sass Zappers Part 2

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Yeah…there are more.  More sass zappers that leave you feeling drained, pissy and wanting nothing but a means to medicate the feeling out!  Here are a few more to be wary of and actions to get you OUT of the Sass Zapping Drama Queen Zone!

1.  Spending time with the wrong people.  The Faux Girlfriend, the guy who doesn’t want a relationship with you, the relatives that know how to push your buttons. They make you start screaming “I am so unhappy!” Deeply within you. The thought of spending time with them can leave you in a deep depression.  Action:  Kick boxing yourself into a relaxed state so you can take back control.  Then you can use the ultimate taking control tool.  Being polite and then knowing how to dismiss yourself from their presence.

2.  Being everything to everyone.  I SO had to get over this one.  When you are trying to be everything to everyone you are not taking care of yourself.  This is insecurity and lack of trust.  You are trying way too hard to keep things together and not trusting the process.  Controlling it.  The fear is if you control everything and everyone they won’t leave you.  Action:  Take care of yourself first and you will be stronger, healthier and more relaxed.  It is one of the hardest things a woman will ever do because it’s in our DNA to help everyone.

3.  Explaining yourself.  Your enemies won’t care and know that you are being insecure.  Your friends already get that about you and accept it because they love you.  Action:  Stop it.  Trust that you made the right decision for you.

4.  Being afraid of making mistakes.  Yeah…big old fear.  Happens to everyone.  Action:  Stop fearing mistakes.  The problem comes when you keep making the same mistakes and don’t learn from them!

5.  Overlooking the beauty in small moments.  One of the very first things I tell my clients is to make their “Sassy Bitch List.”  This list is a living document that they will add and subtract from as the years go by.  Whatever my clients want from the small to the ridiculous!  This requires slowing down and really focusing on what they want, need and desire.  Noticing what lights them up around them.  Savoring!  Action:  Make your list.  Plan for fun.  Plan for challenges.  Plan for doing absolutely nothing!  No guilt.  Love, Goddess

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