Sass Zappers Part 3

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Yeah…it’s been weeks.  Time for more Sass Zappers.  At anytime, anywhere these sass zappers will throw your Bitch for a loop and leave you in a Drama Queen Sniveling Snit.  These are real sneaky ones too.  If you don’t start slaying them NOW…you will live with them for the rest of your life.  Just how the Drama Queen loves it.

  1. Stop running from your problems.  This make you live on the defensive all the time.  It will make you start muttering those oh so Drama Queen phrases like “I hate myself.”  SO not Sassy.  By taking a breath and taking action instead you will feed your confidence and slay your fear.  For more:  Outsmart Back Stabbers! 
  2. Stop being anyone besides you.  You want people to love you for who you are.  The good=Easy.  Quirks=Absolutely.  Society keeps us all conforming perfectly.  (Yawn) This weekend wash off the conformity and rediscover you.  For more:  Miss Perfect
  3. Acting like everything is just wonderful and peachy when it is not.  I’m not talking about running around with a box of tissues and bawling out in public.  Talk to those who love you.  Let them be there for you.  When you let others be strong for you, you release stress so you can deal with everyday life!  We are humans and have emotions.  We must honor them, listen and learn from them.  We are not Stepford Wives.  We are vibrant, emotional gorgeous beings.  We must embrace that so we can embrace ourselves.
  4. Stop holding on to the past.  Let go.  Let it go!  Discover what you don’t like and then take action so you can avoid the experience the next time.  Say NO.  The people who have hurt you in the past are gone.  Let them stay gone.
  5. Stop competing against everyone.  Ah competition.  Don’t cha have enough going on?  My improv group is doing very well and the stares and nose snubs are happening.  All I can think is…so sad.  Improv is all about working together and not competing.  There are so many in the improv comedy field that do not get this.  I get sad for them for a moment and then work on my own stuff.  I don’t need the negative competitive environment.  In other words, I let it go.  Sassy wink.

Yeah…these are all so much fun, huh?  So, review the following courses about Sass Zappers, give them a sassy kiss good-bye and start playing!  Find an adventure and relish it!  Class dismissed.  Love, Goddess

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