Sassy, Overwhelmed Thank you!

Thank you for embracing your Bitch Sassiness.

For choosing to focus on the positive and leave Drama Queen in the dust.

For adorning and appreciating your gorgeous body every day.  Appreciating every curve, loving every bump, and decorating it with glitter, lotion and that beautiful smile!

For appreciating what is fantastic in your life:  What you put your attention on grows.  The friends, family and creative forces that make you YOU.  For those people who love and adore every inch of you.  The good, the bad, the sassy, the slightly naughty and the sweet.

For picking up your girlfriends…the Bitches that are there for you, cheer for you and love you.  No matter what.  No judgement and no competition.

For the men that respect you, admire you and treat you like a Queen.  Give them a big hug and a beautiful smile today.  It will make their day!

For taking chances, pursuing your dreams, glorifying in your mistakes, for daring to dare.  For embracing every tear and temper tantrum.   Even though we know how to leave Drama Queen in the dust, we embrace our emotions, know there is a place for them and party with her royal dramatic ass!   For knowing when to stop being Drama Queen and giving her a sassy kiss goodbye!

For loving deeply, passionately and with abandon.  If only for a moment.  And then being open to more. 

For every time you take a step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown, you take a step into enriching your life and fully living!

For supporting Bitch Lifestyle.  Together we are going to lead a Rebellion, Bitches!  A Rebellion full of love, play, beauty and kick ass sassiness!

With so much love, appreciation and a huge hug!  Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

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