Sensuality Week!

sensuality week,
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Over the years I’ve written a lot about sensuality.  Sensuality, to a woman, is not just about sex.  It encompasses so many things.  To kick off Sensuality week, here are some of the most popular articles for you to review.  A little bit of sex and a lot on passion!  Take some time for your sensuality this week.  Explore tastes, touch, slowing down.  Follow the daily tips on our Facebook page and share your fun ideas!  Bitch Lifestyle on Facebook

A.  Slowing Down and Enjoying Passion

  1. The Lost Art of Savoring
  2. The Definition of Passion 
  3. Re-Awaken Passion

B.  Embracing Our Sexual Organs

  1. Celebrate our Sexual Organs
  2. They’re Calling My Feminine Core What?
  3. 50 Shades of Gray

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