Sexiest Couple From Jerry McGuire

  Photo of Rod and Marcy from Cinema Fanatics

The sexiest couple from Jerry McGuire, in my humble opinion, was not Tom and Renee.

I love Rod and Marcy in this film.  They’re warm, loving, sexy, playful and sassy with each other.  They are a total team regarding their obstacles.  They are almost broke, have a house that’s falling apart and a family to take care of.  The key to their survival depends on Rod’s tightrope football career and his next contract.

Marcy speaks her mind, is vivacious and has huge amounts of joie de vivre.  She sticks up for her husband and watches out for him.  She fights for her man.  She even tells his brother off at the end of the movie.  Watch and learn from her.  She’s straightforward, feminine and blunt:  a strong woman.

At first glance, Rod seems to be the stereotypical spoiled, self-centered, and greedy jerky jock, but he’s actually fiercely loyal, upstanding, honest, and deeply devoted to his family.  This fierce loyalty is good news for Jerry.

I see so many couples today-married and unmarried that don’t appreciate what they have together.  Egos are clashing.  They aren’t a team, they’re working separately to get what they want.  Rod and Marcy are united in what they want for their family.  It’s so refreshing and fun to watch.  Working on obstacles together.  Here’s the problem and here’s how we’re going to solve it.  So much sexier and productive than being enmeshed in personal egos.   Here’s to each of us having this kind of relationship.  Appreciating what we have and fighting for those we love.  Love, Goddess

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