Sexy Thing About a Man


This has nothing to do with a man’s brain, I know.  Excuse for hot Ryan Gosling pic:

One of the most attractive things about a man is his gorgeous brain.  That’s why I love nerds and geeks.  Mmmmm…

Well…I can add another group of men to that.  Engineers.  I was watching History Channel today and they have a show called “Failure is Not an Option.”  It’s about the story of NASA and the mission to land a man on the moon.  I love discovering how things work.  And hearing this story never gets old.  As the story unfolds, I’m amazed at how these men dealt with the curveballs and uncertainty of the entire process.  What these men accomplished was amazing.   Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, sadly, died this week.  I was listening to a woman talk about a speech he made.  Talking about what it was like to walk on the moon.  We both were blown away when he said:  “We did not expect to make it back.”

Can you imagine?  That is bravery, passion and conviction in what you do in life.  Times, like, 1 million!

Bravery, passion and conviction are such attractive qualities to me.  I love being around these types of people.  Even though I am terrible at math and you would not want me as your flight engineer, I would still get caught up in the passion and courage these men displayed.  I’d find a way to matter if thrust into their world on a daily basis.  Their passion and drive would fuel me to go higher in whatever tasks they were trying to accomplish!  This is why I want you to find your passion and look for people driven by theirs.  It’s inspiring and will motivate you like nothing else.  Oh…and once you achieve success?  Huge high!  Here is a link to the story on YouTube:

Failure is Not an Option

Love, Goddess

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