Slightly Outrageous Fun-Just Ask!

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Saturday night I’m enjoying a night out with friends in the South End of Boston.  The restaurant had amazing food and the owner was so charming and wonderful to us.  We were talking about being “slightly outrageous.”  All in fun, nothing dangerous or crazy.  One of my friends and I started to feed each other.  A little while later the owner, the charming Gary asked us how everything was, and the following occurred:

“I have a request,”  I said with a slightly mischievous smile.

“Oh, no…I’m a bit scared.”  He said, smiling back.

“I would like a kiss,” I said.

With flirty eye contact, I smiled a sly smile.  I presented him with my hand.  Our eyes never left each other.  And then he granted my request so perfectly.  It was a perfect moment.  You know what’s really cool about my kiss?  I just went for it and asked.  Then I thought, how many times a day do we hold back from asking what we want?  Or have we gotten into the habit of not asking because we don’t think we’re going to get it?  Or worse, we’re AFRAID we’re going to get it.

Well, Bitches, it’s time to start asking.  Today at Bitch University you’re assignment is to:  Give it a try and ask a man to do something for you.  Start with your Dad, Uncle, Grandparent, Brother.  Move on to male acquaintances.  Then servicemen.  Then that hot piece of *** across the room.  And remember that old saying, “It never hurts to ask.”

Have fun. (sassy smile)

Love, Goddess

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