So You Had a Bad Day?

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If you find yourself doing this, congratulations.  You’re on your own little self-inflicted joyless ride.  Because really, “why” is a pitiful word in this circumstance.  It gets you nowhere.  Except further down the “woe is my highway.”  Tears may be streaming down your face, you have the urge to listen to really pitiful music, sigh incessantly, eat huge amounts of bad for you food and watch depressing TV.

I’m going to ask you to do something that may sound a little strange.   A little…Goddess, you want me to do what?  You may think because I’m under the influence of my Drama Queen that I don’t know what I’m talking about.  But trust me, as you get to know your own personal Drama Queen, you’ll know exactly what to do with her.

Laugh at her.

Embrace her.

Learn from her.

Would it surprise you to know that after I wrote the first sentence of this post I started giggling?  I wrote it because I was absolutely 200 percent bummed about something and as a desperate move decided to share it to see if it made me feel better. I took action because (sniff) I was on the verge of being pitiful.

So here’s the “Goddess you want me to do what?” thing:  The next time you feel Drama Queen taking over, the next time you start questioning things you’ve done with a “WHY???!!!”  I want you to start writing your Drama Queen thoughts down.  Use the picture above as inspiration.  Use dark ink, do this  in a darkened room, drinking a dark beverage.  Think dark dark dark.  Record how many times you “sigh.”  Play a pitiful song like: “You Had a Bad Day” by David Powter: (lol… perfect…his last name sounds like “pouter”) After you’re done read your dramatic essay out loud.

I want you to surrender completely to your dark little mood.

Then I want you to do something uplifting.  Take a hot shower with your favorite potions and scrub away all the yucky feelings.  Play your favorite dance songs, or pick a song like “Celebrate” by Madonna.  Dance your luscious butt off to it!

Then…record your findings in a diary, in word or an ex cell sheet if you’re really cerebral.  Ask a girlfriend…maybe one on our Face Book page?  To help you with your Drama Queen low.  Or go all out and have a Worry Party. You may be surprised by how good it feels to embrace your Drama Queen.  Because underneath all the “why” drama, she’s trying to tell you something.  Something important that you can’t see because it’s buried.  Buried in being over worked, too stressed, under appreciated and or angry.  When you stop and take care of that frustration, it dissipates.  Things, over time will be unearthed about your wants, needs and how you want to be treated.  Over time you choose to embrace what feels good instead of things that turn you into Drama Queen.  Does that make sense?  You’re letting go of the unpleasant to get to the good.  A huge step in unearthing your strong Inner Bitch.

How does that sound?

Love, Goddess

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  1. that sounds amazing and seriously, the only way to go!
    “You’re letting go of the unpleasant to get to the good. A huge step in unearthing your strong Inner Bitch”

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