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Sign You’re a Sassy Bitch:  You don’t whine about a problem. You solve the problem.

Is this you?  Or do you spend hours, days, weeks whining about all you don’t have and things you wish you did?  Come on, Drama Queen.  Really?   Here’s your New Years’ Kick in the Ass.  Stop whining about what you can’t control and awaken your Sassy Bitch.  She needs awakening because you’ve bored her into a freakin’ coma.  Time to wake that Bitch up.  How?  One yummy, thrilling word:  ACTION  Ooooo…a REM period just missed a beat in our Sassy Bitches’ sleep.  You have a choice.  You can continue whining and stay in your Drama Queen.  It’s easy.  Do exactly nothing.  Want to start awakening your Sassy Bitch?  Here’s how:

ACTION #1:   Get it out.   Go here:  Had a Bad Day Throw yourself into your Pity Party.  I am giving you permission to let out every pathetic whine to the David Powter song.  Seriously do it.  Twice, three times if need be.

ACTION #2:  Cool.  You’ve kicked that whiny ass Brat out of your body.  Relax.  Be proud of yourself.  Now is the time to do something good for you.  Take a warm hot shower, go out shopping, or have a glass of wine and watch your favorite movie.  Whatever little treat you want to give yourself?  Do it.

This will help you rid yourself of your “whiny” problem.  Your whiny Drama Queen wants attention.  So give it to her and then move on.  By doing this, you are releasing the control she has on you.  Now practice using ACTION with everything in your life.  When you find yourself saying:  “Oh great.  What?  Really?  Can this have any worse timing?  I’m so sick of the crap!”  Stop the lamenting and take ACTION #1 and ACTION #2.  Then go on to ACTION #3:

ACTION #3:  Solving the problem.  Because you’re letting your Drama Queen moan and whine, you’re the releasing control she has on to you.  When you do this, you will start to see through the bullshit…which is all the Drama Queen sees.  Piles and piles of bullshit.  The Sassy Bitch sees the bullshit and walks around it.  She sees the answers and takes the necessary steps to solve the problem. Some problems take one step.  Bigger problems will take more.  It’s all good. 

When you find yourself slipping into “whiny mode” go back to ACTIONS 1 & 2.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Got it?  Good.  Now get in there and take some hot action now.  Love, Goddess

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