Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

Sassy Picture of Eartha Kitt from the blog Ironing Board Collective:

‘Tis the season to…

Stop being so hard on yourself.  Right now.

It’s a gift we women have.  We love with our whole hearts and souls.  We give with our whole hearts and souls.  We love to see everyone happy.  Because of all this we strive to make everything perfect.


You’re already perfect.  Remember the quote I love from Dr. Christiane Northrup?  “Only perfect eggs are fertilized.”  The key in “stop being so hard on ourselves?”  See the perfection in every moment.  In every curve ball.  In every mistake.  Speaking of mistakes, a Sassy Bitch can work and correct a mistake like nobody’s business!  Her own and others.  She is Scarlett O’Hara when the fur is flying.  She can do this because even though sometimes she wants to curl up in a ball and eat a pound of brie in a darkened room, she knows that won’t fix anything.  In fact, it leads to more being hard on herself, more pounds of brie and high cholesterol counts.  Not fun.

Practice laughing at your mistakes, adoring every luscious drop of you, honing your sense of humor and kicking the edgy energy out with work outs.  When you hear that voice inside your head going “I don’t wanna do that.  I don’t wanna do that!”  Take a deep breath and ignore that whiny little Drama Queen Brat.  Get active, Bitches!  Here are some articles to help you.

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  5. What is the one flaw in a woman?

When I was looking for images for this article, I loved the above one of Eartha Kitt.  Please read the article.  It’s fab and it is written by a man.  The article is titled “Where have all the sassy women gone.”  Her look says it all.  Sassy, beautiful.  You can just imagine her looking off to the side to whoever is there.  Is that person bringing her some adversity?  Her response?  “Bring it.”  With a purr.

Love, Goddess

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