Summer Fun How Much Can You Handle?

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How much outrageous fun do you want this summer?

Summer fun.  Your Sassy Bitch lives for it.  My Sassy Bitch is craving new adventures.  I have one that I’m looking forward to.  A day trip that will take me back in time.  (Cue mystery type music)  That one is at the end of July.  Something semi-planned.  What I’d really love is unplanned spontaneous adventure!  A little hard to put into my jam-packed schedule.  I’m half booked night and day already.  That’s okay…I just know it’s going to happen.  All I have to do when it happens is say:

“Yes!  Ohhhh that sounds so good!”

And find a way to get out the door!

Spontaneous adventure can be as simple as taking a different route home, tasting a different food or having a camping trip on your couch with a new movie.  The movie couch camping trip is divine when you have a schedule so loaded up, isn’t it?  Total bliss.  Are you up for adventure this summer?  What have you never tried that you’d like to?

  • A new day spa?  A crazy new nail color?
  • White water rafting, a new sport, joining a new club, taking a day trip to a town you’ve always wanted to go to but haven’t?
  • Seeking out the best the fastest new thrill ride you can?
  • A day cruise?
  • Throwing the Sassiest Bad *** Barbeque ever?
  • Learn to ride a motorcycle?
  • Climbing the highest mountain around with girlfriends and savoring the tastiest picnic when you get to the top?
  • Parasailing?
  • Conduct a chocolate/cheese/wine/cocktail/food/fresh farm stand survey to see which is the best just because it’s fun?
  • Throwing a Mid-Summer Nights’ Party that would make the Playboy mansion blush?
  • Enjoy soft kisses in the summer rain with the man of your choice?
  • Go to the biggest city or town closest to you.  And discover something new.
  • Sign up for Groupon.  It has TONS of ideas for travel, fun and pampering.  It will get your creative fun juices flowing!

How about it?  What do you want this summer?  DO TELL.  This is so we can all discover new things together to enjoy.  Share on our Bitch Lifestyle Facebook page. This summer it is no excuses!  I want you to relish this phrase and say it OFTEN:

“Yes!  Ohhhh that sounds so good!”

Love, Goddess

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