Survivor: Learn the Art of Flirting from a Villainess

Pavarti from Survivor “Heroes vs. Villains,” Thursday nights CBS
I’m working on adding video to the site.  I’ve been playing with a video plug in all day.   I resorted to a picture and a link this time.  But just you wait HTML land…I’m going to slay that tech fear and have video up here soon.  So let’s get to the juicy stuff!
I’m not into Survivor unless Colby is on.  I started watching because I thought he was hot.  I kept watching because he kept his word, worked hard and stood by his decisions.  When things don’t work out he doesn’t make endless excuses.  He simply stands by his decisions, says he would do the same thing again, why and that’s it.  Mmmm…a man who says what he’s going to do, does it, and doesn’t whine.   Those qualities = Integrity.  Which is very yummy and sexy to me.  So click on the pink link above, “Flirting with Colby,”  listen to a Pro-Flirt and meet me back here for some fun.  I saw this video on the Survivor “Heroes vs. Villains” web site and loved it:  Flirting with Colby Pavarti is a villainess, but she totally gets how to flirt with men.  She’s playful and knows how to appeal to the male ego.  Yes, this is a game and there are loads of alterior motives to her flirting.  But the basic information she gives here is fantastic.  Let’s recap:
1.  Don’t throw yourself at men.  If a guy likes you, you’ll know.  And you don’t need to flash body parts to do it.
2.  She’s not impressed with Colby yet.  He’s done nothing to impress her.  She understands that men are producers and she’s waiting for him to produce.
3.  She knows the “Flirting 101 Rule:  Let the man come to you.”   Even though she admits he’s good looking (twice) she’s not going to throw herself at him like the other girls in the tribe.  Don’t be fooled by the Colby insult.  She wants the attention and he’s not giving it to her.   That’s her being a bit bratty about not getting the attention.  But…note that she says she is not going to budge on him coming to her.  We’ll see.
4.  Don’t compete openly over a guy.  Especially in front of the guy!
Your Assignment: You want to be ready for the man who is so hot you feel the temperature in the room rising.  So go out there and flirt and play warmly with everything that moves.  Animals, your girlfriends, the man behind the check out counter.  Safely!  Remember, practice makes perfect!
Love, Goddess
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