Inspiration in the Face of Adversity

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How do you find inspiration in the face of adversity?  It’s pop quiz time today at Bitch University!  Choose your answer:

  1. You start muttering things like “I want to die,”  “I hate myself,” and then crumble like an 8 day old cookie.
  2. You sulk, mope, whine and complain endlessly about how unfair everything is.
  3. You get pissed off and scream bloody murder!
  4. You smile deep down and say “Nice.  Bring it.”

Yeah…it’s #4.  Although #2 has some merit.  Our Drama Queens just love to lament the indignity of it all, right?  As much as we women LOVE to complain and lament, let’s focus today on something even more fun.  And positive.  And effective.   Smiling in the face of adversity and blowing it a sassy kiss!  Let’s rock that competitive environment.

I was at a friends softball game the other day.  I love watching his team play.  They are competitive and they usually win, but they don’t go overboard.  My Bitch loves the inspiration. Example:  the other day was the play offs.  They were down 9 runs but were still laughing and enjoying each other.  The other team was getting just a tad cocky about how far ahead they were.  One of the girls on our team went up to bat.  The guys on the other team started yelling to the outfield to come in come in!  They did this every time she came up to bat.  The third time she came up to bat … WHACK!  She hit a triple.  Right over all those cocky guys heads.  She hit three people home.  End of cockiness.

After she came home on the next play everyone was cheering her on our side.  She related the story that boosted her sass and confidence to hit that triple.  She said this:

“One…I don’t like it when people have assumed they have won.  Two…every time I came up to bat I heard them say “come in come in.”  I said to myself:  “Excellent…keep comin’ in boys and I’ll hit it right over your heads! ” And she did!  Oh how my Bitch loves the inspiration!


It’s like one of my favorite quotes:

“I love it when people doubt me,” Rodney Harrison

Rodney Harrison takes adversity and uses it to make him stronger.   As inspiration to be even more successful.  So HOT.  Some people let adversity win the day.  These people let others have power of them.  My girl on the softball team saw the adversity and kissed its ass!  We all have adversity and challenges hit us in the face daily, weekly, whatever.  We choose how to face it.  By either shrinking or stepping up to the plate and smashing it!  Even if we don’t hit a triple every time we don’t let people get us down.  This is all about confidence!  How do you get even more than you already have?  Keep reading.  Keep studying and keep looking for ways to kick adversity to the curb!  Love, Goddess

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