Female Empowerment Poem

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This gorgeous woman was found on The Guardian

Female empowerment poem to love!

When she walks into a room,

everybody turns:

Some kind of light is coming from her head.

Even the geraniums look curious…

We’re all attracted to the perfume

of fermenting joy,

We’ve all tried to start a fire,

and one day maybe it will blaze up on its own

In the meantime, she is the one today among us

most able to bear the idea of her own beauty,

and when we see it, what we do is natural:

we take our burned hands

out of our pockets,

and clap.

Tony Hoagland, from “Grammar”

The entire amazing poem from Tony Hoagland can be found at Poem Hunter  


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On Seeing the Beauty

Drew Barrymore photographed by Annie Leibovitz from the web site Maria’s photo:  http://www.mariasphoto.com/2008/02/25/drew-barrymore-in-beauty-and-the-beast/

Seeing the Beauty.  Like everything, it’s a choice.  We can be sucked into what the world has decided is “perfection.”  Or we can rebel.   Rebel by rejecting the incessant labels society thrusts upon us:  “Young, ” “Old,” “Average,” “Above Average,” “Rich,” “Poor,” “Nice,” “Mean.”  I could go on forever!  Or we could make it a habit to see the beauty in the not so “perfect” beast.  Perfect is boring!  Trust me, if you were given the “perfect” guy you would get bored.  You would never fight.  Fighting is passion.  Can you imagine life without make-up sex?  LOL.  If you were given the “perfect” body you would still see something you don’t like.  How many of us look back on our early twenties and think:  Wow!  I was hot!  We didn’t think it back then because we didn’t appreciate the wrinkle free skin.  We couldn’t relate because we’d never had wrinkles.

I was inspired by Ashley Judd putting the media in her place when they called her “puffy.”  http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/04/09/ashley-judd-slaps-media-in-the-face-for-speculation-over-her-puffy-appearance.html When some in the media don’t see perfection, they question, examine, judge.  They’d noticed Ms. Judd had been looking “puffy” lately and decided to analyze why.  Without asking her.   Isn’t there something else you would rather do than obsess over perfection, media?

Think of the people you are attracted to.  I guarantee the ones you’re closest to have something that pulled you in.  Is it how they’re always there for you?  That’s beauty.  It it their passionate curiosity?  Is it their loving spirit that’s reflected through soulful eyes?  I’ve always been attracted to people who make me smile and laugh.  They could be purple with little tiny spikes all over their faces and I would still love them.  We would just have to work something out when we hug.  🙂

Then there are people who are not so beautiful.  Maybe physically they are when you first meet them, but through their actions you become disenchanted.  Suddenly little imperfections pop up that you never saw before.  They are there now because you’ve seen some of the things they do that turn you off.  Like maybe they lied to you.  Maybe they dump you when they get a new boyfriend.  Maybe they start to revel in their happiness around you in a catty way.   You start seeing someone for who they truly are.  No amount of hairspray, lipstick or flexing of a perfectly toned peck will stir you.

They’ve broken your trust.  They’ve lost your respect.  They’ve lost their beauty.  On their own.

The people who make you smile fuel your beauty.  The man you meet for a fleeting moment who opens a door for you.  The children playing and sharing their laughter and fun with you.  The little old lady all dressed up in her best as you pass by her in a restaurant.  You look at her, she looks at you and you admire how the blue of her suit plays up her skin.  You tell her the color looks beautiful on her.   She smiles back and says “thank you.”  The blue makes her feel beautiful.  It radiates from her soul.  That radiant beauty drew you to her.

The beauty of sound.  How you absolutely love something in nature.  The trickle of water from a nearby stream, the whish of the ocean waves.  Even the noise of an airplane that breaks your concentration overhead.  It is beautiful that we have something called airplanes that can whisk us off and we can be anywhere in the world.  In a matter of hours!  The beauty of touch.  Enjoying how soft your lovers skin is, or how his arms make you feel warm and protected.  How a kittens’ fur can tickle your nose and smell so good.  How soft and shiny your hair looks and feels after brushing it before you go to bed.

The beauty of sight.  Like the lady in blue from above or how pictures of food and fashion can make us literally swoon with the thought of eating or wearing it!  The sunset-how each one is unique with its colors and cloud swirls.  How one painting makes you stop.  And all the other paintings fall away.  Or when, on your daily walk, you walk by a certain house.  It’s a pleasure to admire the house because the owners put so much care in the landscaping and upkeep.  Then one day on your walk, the lady who lives there is working on her landscaping.  As you walk by you say “Your house is beautiful.  You do such an amazing job with it!”  She looks up, beaming with pride and says “Thank you!”  It feels so good.  The beauty of her creation affects you every time you walk by.  It makes you feel good to thank her and makes you feel amazing when she is so happy that you noticed!  Because you just made her feel beautiful.

Seeing the beauty in everything is more fun than what society is trying to pull us into doing:  obsess with perfection.  Sitting around and discussing what may or may not be wrong with the target (ie Ashley Judd).  Turn them off and rebel.  When they try to show you something ugly or try to criticize – look for the beauty.  Maybe our “Perfection Rebellion” –  will spread and we can tame a few “judgemental” beasts out there.  And bring them over to our side.  Love, Goddess

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Longing To Be Someone Else

 Picture of Cleopatra from the beautiful This Miss Loves to Read http://thismisslovestoread.blogspot.com/

Have you ever longed to be someone else? 

When I was a little girl I longed to be a glamorous movie star.  A lot of us probably did.  When I got older, I loved soap operas and imagined the excitement of being a heroine or bad girl.  Never a dull moment and these women always looked fantastic.  As I matured, I started to admire strong women.  Like the ones we’ve discussed here.  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2010/09/carole-lombard-fiesty-and-fabulous/

Now?  I find a fault with all the women I wished to become in the past.  Things in their lives I would not dig.

1.  Cleopatra:  Someone always trying to kill her, then suicide by an asp.  Yuck.

2.  Movie stars:  Always being under a microscope, gossip, no privacy.  Yuck.

Which means I’d rather be me.  Most of the time.  (insert sassy smile here)  That’s confidence.  That wonderful state of being that’s sometimes hard keep in our day to day lives.  But there is a cool thing about wanting to be someone famous.  There’s something in them that you connect with.  Here are five of my favorites and what I connected to:

1.  Cleopatra:  I was facinated by her ability to lead…the confidence she possessed.

2   Judge Judy:  Speaking in a clear, bottom line way. 

3.  Carole Lombard:  The life of the party, warm, witty, glamorous.

4.  Elle Woods:  Disciplined, warm, loving, always looking fabulous. Her personal initiative.  She never judges.

I discovered what I loved so much in these women—were in me.  Waiting to come out and play.  Kinda cool, huh?  So who do you admire and why?  Is that a part of you that wants to come out deep in your soul?  What ways can you help her come out?  Copying a style?  Taking a leadership class?  Practicing speaking directly?  That’s a lot to think about.  Maybe just pick one woman and see what really turns you on about her and explore.

See…you really can have it all. (warm smile)

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And visit the Amazing Women catagory on this web site for more inspiration.

Love, Goddess

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When Do You Feel Most Beautiful?

It’s loving our Beauty week and I’ve been thinking about when I feel most beautiful.   Here are a few instances.  I would love for you all to share yours.  Yay!   A toast to sharing new ideas to experience our beauty together.

1.  Today I feel incredibly beautiful.  And the goofy thing?  I have no make up on, nothing.  Not even my beloved lip gloss.  Not one smidgeon of sparkle.  I’m just higher than a kite on life.  I’ve had some fun success in my business and personal life today.  I’m basking and reveling in it.

2.  The sun is finally out!  For those of you in New England it’s been mighty dreary of late.  There’s nothing like the feel of warm sunshine on your body! 

3.  When I make someone else feel good, it makes me feel beautiful!

4.  Dancing, eating chocolate, making love, skinny dipping, blowing kisses, riding in a convertible…

5.  When I let someone I love go…and they come back.

6.  When I let something go…anger at someone, something, etc.   It’s hard to let go sometimes, but the weight that’s lifted makes my heart sing!

7.  After a really tough work out.

So looking forward to hearing what makes you beauties glow!

Love, Goddess

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