Best Dance Music

Best dance music!  Here are some of the best dance music tracks for you to celebrate the emotional diamond mine that makes us women!  Use these songs to deal with the emotion and situation that has you in freak out mode.  So it no longer has power over you.  So you can move on to things worthy of your attention.  (Please excuse any-insert colorful language-ads.  I’m not making money off these videos)

Anger.  Kick box it out to one of these:

Carrie Underwood:  Before He Cheats

Taylor Swift: We Are Never Getting Back Together

When You’re Lusting For Revenge:  Justin Timberlake:  What Goes Around…Comes Around

Celebrate you, an accomplishment or victory! OR…if you feel like you need validation for doing what you know is right.  Listen until you realize how much you ROCK!  Meredith Brooks:  I’m a Bitch 

Visit the hot YouTube links included with the video for even more of the best dance music for your emotions.  Now go dance your panties off!  Love, Goddess

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