Best Dating Advice: Are You Easy to Date?

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Marilyn Monroe image from the fantastic blog Mish Mash Vintage Blog

Interesting question for you hotties…are you “easy to date?”

I spent the last few days playing in New York City with my best friend Mary Ann.  One night we went to dinner with her boyfriend.  Men give the best dating advice.  He said something very interesting to me about her.  He said he really enjoyed dating her because she was “easy to date.”  Of course it brought me to instant attention!  In the spirit of the best dating advice, I’ve spent the last few days asking men what makes a woman “easy to date.”  Here are some of the answers I got with my opinion in italics:

  1. No drama.  This is the number one dominant answer I got.
  2. Fun and playful.  No explanation necessary!
  3. Confident.   She knows who she is, where she is going and is proud of her accomplishments and interests.
  4. Sensual without being slutty.   A woman’s sensuality is a part of her.  She doesn’t try too hard by showing all of her physical attributes.
  5. Feminine.  Men like it when we don’t control and wear flirty, soft, flowy outfits.  They don’t expect it all the time, but love it!
  6. Independent.  You have lots going on with career, family, friends and hobbies/interests.  You have a full, fun and amazing life!

Not one of the men I asked said things that involved looks and or body type.  Not one.  It was all about our personalities and how much we were invested in our own lives!  Really good to note, hmmm?  So I asked the man I’m seriously dating for his opinion on what makes a woman “easy to date.”  Without hesitation he said “No drama” and “respect for each others’ personal space.”  I thought that best dating advice was rather hot.  So for fun, why don’t we flip the above list into what turns a man off?  I flip the “easy to date” into “turn offs” in italics:

  1. No drama.    Turn off:  She is always fighting with someone in her life, miserable and looking for attention.  She has no control over her finances yet spends like a drunken sailor.
  2. Fun and playful.  Turn off:  She never has any fun suggestions for dates and takes everything seriously.  She has no sense of adventure and stays in her comfort zone.
  3. Confident.    Turn off:  She is meek, lets him make all the decisions, agrees with him on all topics discussed and worries about whether he likes her.
  4. Sensual without being slutty.   Turn off:  She is showing off butt, legs and cleavage.  All at the same time. 
  5. Feminine.  Turn off:  Instead of letting a man lead, she is controlling.  She texts and calls trying to set up the next date.  She makes excuses to see him.
  6. Independent.  Turn off:  She gives up her life for him.  She forgets her friends, hobbies and does only things he likes.  Then she wonders why she is so pissed off at him later.

So which girl sounds more “easy to date?”  LOL…yes…notice the first list is all Sassy Bitch and the second list is all Drama Queen?  Have a little fun today.  Ask your amazing male friends what the qualities are in a “woman easy to date.”  Listen to them.  Then all you have to do is party with your hot little life.  Revel in it and all you do.  Watch the men become intrigued and want to be with you.  And all you’re doing is enjoying your life and then enjoying them!  AND keep smiling like Marilyn above.  Love, Goddess

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