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I’m a naughty teacher. I’ve been so bad. Here’s what you have to do to enjoy me. Cameron Diaz pic from Bad Teacher Trailer

You and I are open for business.  Our business?  Our very own “School of Gallantry.”  Inspired by one of the greatest Seductresses of all time:  Ninon De Lenclos  By doing this we are honoring her brilliance.  And ours.  Our ability to communicate exactly HOW a man is to pursue us, seduce us, love us…be worthy of us. (sassy wink)

Not one whine.  Knowing without question that YOU are the hottest thing that was ever created on this planet.  Knowing that you deserve to be treated like the amazing woman you are.  This is not about arrogance.  You are a confident, loving, caring woman.  A good man will see this and will appreciate the chance to put a smile on your beautiful face!  School your potential lovers and male friends in the following ways:

  1.  Techniques you desire in courting and seduction.
  2.  A peak into how you tick as a woman.  Slower than slow.  You may want to keep a bit of mystery about you.
  3.  The proper way to break up with a woman.  None of which involves a text.
  4.  The physiology of sex.
  5.  The seductive qualities in conversation.
  6.  Be sure to give your school a hot name. Worthy of you.

What will you add to this list?  This is about YOU remember.  Exactly what you desire from a man.  Exactly how you want to be treated and adored.  Before you do this take the time to relax.  Really relax and get into your hot, sensual self.  The cares of the day behind you.  If you have a boyfriend or a husband…what would you like from him?  Is it a soft, sexy kiss?  Let the pleasure of experiencing one of those kisses wash over you.  Enjoy enjoy enjoy.  When you feel yourself all warmed up, give him a call.  Tell him…

“I was just thinking about how much I enjoy kissing you!  It’s so good.”

Don’t try to get him to come and see you.  Keep it short.  Just let him know you were enjoying something about him.  See what happens…and take notes like a good (or bad) teacher.   Oh…and if a potential lover gives you crap about how high maintenance you are or some other silly thing about how you want to be treated?  Purr playfully and say something like:  “I’m soooo worth it.”

And you are…now get in there and play, Sexy Teacher!  Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

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