Steve Jobs Found His Playground

Steve Jobs found his playground.  And did he ever play in it!  Thanks to his creative “Apple Playground,” many lives world wide have become easier.  I want to honor him by honoring our own innate sense of play today.  Where is your playground?  What game do you most like to play in it?  When you envision your playground, what does it look like?  Here is an example from one of my coaching clients:

“When I created my “career playground,” I did the following.  Since I am a nutritionist, I put all that inspired me into my office.  Cook books, pictures of delicious food and quotes that keep me motivated and focused on the needs of my clients.  I added pictures of those I love having fun.  I added healthy teas and snacks that were as good for my clients and myself as they were tasty.  I also LOVE the color lilac…so I added dashes of that in my office.  I put a french memory board up with all the goals, wants and adventures I wanted to experience in my life.  When I was finished with my “career playground,” it didn’t feel like an office anymore.  It felt like home.  My clients had lots to be inspired by too.  They would ask questions about the cook books and other pictures.  So my “career playground,” became a fun nutritional tool, too!”

Your assignment today at Bitch University:  Create your own “Career Playground.”  Enhance the area with personal touches and things you love.  If you’re in school, raising a family or otherwise not engaged in a specific career at the moment, celebrate your innate creativity!  Another client created a “Female Room,” with all her craft projects, favorite teas and comfortable tables and chairs.

Create a space just for you.  A place you can go at any time, night or day…just to play!  Love, Goddess

Here’s a link to a sneak peak of what you will find in the upcoming, “Bitch Lifestyle:  The Manual:”

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