A Reason to Celebrate-Yes to July Fourth!

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*** Yes to celebrating July 4th!  And we have a whole long weekend to do it.  In Sassy Bitch style!

Think about how lucky we are as women living in America.  As long as it’s legal (sly wink) we can do and say whatever we want to.   We can choose to smash that glass ceiling and create to our hearts content.   When presented with a challenge, we can say to ourselves, “Hmm…this doesn’t work for me.  How do I make this work for me?”

Things aren’t perfect.  I get that.  I am so grateful that I don’t live in repression, like some women in this world suffer through.  I’m so grateful that I don’t live in a society that covers their women from head to toe and orders their deaths by stoning: without the chance to defend themselves.  I’m beyond grateful that we don’t live in a society that removes our clitoris.  Our pleasure core.  A gift created for our immense pleasure taken away and leaving these women mutilated.

I’m grateful that we can celebrate our freedoms!  More please!  More luscious freedom for all of us and all the women throughout the world.  For all the women who live in societies that disrespect and repress them, let’s honor them this weekend.  By bathing ourselves in gratitude for the celebrations this weekend and moving forward.  So wave those flags, relish the fireworks, wear red white blue outfits and or glitter, enjoy the barbeque, the beach, the pond and lake.  The road trip that takes you to another part of our great country.  Enjoy every luscious moment.  Sending you a big, Patriotic Kiss and Hug…Love, Goddess

*** Gorgeous picture of Lady Liberty found at Only Good Movies web site.

© S Stevens Life Strategies

My Love Affair with Myself Passed on to You

It’s coming up, ladies…Valentines Day.  The concept is wonderful.  Let’s celebrate our love!  But the over-marketing has taken a lot of the joy out of it for me.  What will he get you…the wait and anticipation can drive you nuts.  And for the guy…he really has to produce something amazing.  And men LOVE to produce.  (upcoming blog)


 There was a great commercial on the radio last year.  Two guys were discussing Valentines Day.  They had no idea what to get their girlfriends.  Worse, the things that women love to receive they don’t really understand.  (Hello anything from Victoria’s Secret) They were dumbfounded on how to produce for their girlfriends.  “This is like her Super Bowl,” one says.  LOL.  Ladies, they get the importance to you and don’t want to disappoint you.  They just don’t understand all this forced lovey dovey stuff.  Like we don’t understand their fascination with football.  So…the solutions, fair ones?  Fall in love with yourself so one of the following will happen:



  1. You are able to communicate exactly what you would like to your man:  clearly, concisely one thing.  One want at a time.  Then be thankful and excited when he does it for you!
  2. If he does get the wrong thing, you still must appreciate his effort!  Anticipation of what he may do kills this for us.  And guys know we anticipate certain things and fear he won’t meet your expectations.  This is why you must thank and appreciate what he does.   He will see that you appreciate the effort he made and will be grateful you didn’t lose it on him.  (blogs coming up on how men deliberately test you)

Remember…most men DO NOT know what a woman wants.  (See earlier blog)  It takes patience, knowing exactly what makes you glow and clear communication to make him understand what you want.  This solution also works for the luscious single gals as well.  Hearing and seeing all the love from happy couples sometimes makes you want to throw a shoe at the TV.  Focus on lovely you, instead.  The world is so lucky to have YOU!!!! 

Your assignment today is your “Love Affair with Yourself.” 

  1. Do you know what your favorite chocolate is?  I conducted my own little chocolate survey.  I love Callebaut dark chocolate from Belgium and Teushcher Champagne Truffles.
  2. What would be the perfect date night for you?  Where would you go? Would you stay in and have your own little music or movie festival?
  3. Write a love letter to yourself.  What is fabulous about you?  Write it and post it up so you can enjoy it.  Put it on pink paper and perfume it like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

Have fun!  Love, Goddess

 © S Stevens Life Strategies