Chicken Little vs. Reality

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“The world is ending?”  She purred.  “I just don’t have time in my schedule for that!”  Pin up image from the fab website I Want to be a Pin-Up

The Mayans prophecy or whatever it was about the world ending.  Big, enormous and bored yawn.

I say whatever it was because I didn’t care.  I didn’t spend one second thinking about “the world ending” unless someone addressed it to me personally.  Then I would say something like “Stop it.  You’re being an alarmist.  The world is not going to end.  Besides I’m too busy for it to end.”  (The last part said with playful sarcasm) It made me think of all the “Chicken Littles” in the world.  The alarmists who are whipped into a frenzy over some story in history.  Or what a reporter says in the news.  Or a moment of reality TV. Or someones’ opinion.  Something they hear to be true without one bit of research.  Or if they do any research, no consideration for the source.  Then some of these “Chicken Littles” blow their money in Vegas, get married or some other crazy thing that IF the world was going to end would be cool.  IF.  What happens when it doesn’t?  They have done something that will impact the rest of their lives.

AND they have wasted so much time.

But Goddess…that’s their right.  Sure.  I agree.  But I don’t want to hear about it.  The whining, the moaning the lamenting and the countdown.  Waste of time.  How about enjoying life every day without all the “drama” Chicken Littles?  There is plenty of fun to have every single day.  Plenty to love, party with and plan for.  That, to me is so much more meaningful than what a dead society wrote about years ago.   Drama and being a Chicken Little is a habit.  And you know what happens to Chicken Little and all her friends at the end of the story?  They are eaten by the sly fox.  The sly fox who knows how to take advantage of them.  I see people being taken advantage of by sly foxes all the time.  The Chicken Littles are scared.  They trust a King or a fox to lead them.  It gets them manipulated, dead or ruled over.  Not fun.

You know what I’ve been focused on?  The fun and spirit of this time of year.  And every other day of the year.  When a hot man smiles at me and opens a door to let me through.  A little baby boy who sees me, smiles and we play the peek-a-boo game.  How my best friend and I think so much alike that we give each other the same exact Christmas Card.  How fun it is to enjoy those I love and eat special treats.  All the unexpected surprises, gifts and joy.  How other people really enjoying the season makes me so happy!  There are two houses near where I live that have coordinated lights to music.  Amazing show.  Last night we went to the houses to enjoy the lights and music and they had turned it into a block party!  There were dancers, a unicyler and Santa was there juggling.  These are people really partying with the spirit of Christmas.  I wanted to go out there and party with them!

So in the fun and spirit of the Block Party-ers…let’s embrace their sense of fun.   Chicken Little=Drama Queen.  There are Chicken Littles everywhere.  Feeding off of some rumor, story, creation by someone.  There is absolutely nothing you can do about what they are prophesizing about.  Nothing.  Even if it were true!  The only thing you have control over is your world and YOUR PARTY!  So Bitches…we now party…be damned you Chicken Littles!  The Chicken Littles can join us if they leave their Drama Queen at home.  Now and into the new year, I wish my Sassy, Luscious Bitches the most delicious moments and the most love, play, fun and adventure that you can possible handle!  Love sprinkled with skyloads of gorgeous pink, purple and silver confetti,  Goddess

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