Passionately Curious

“I have no special talent.  I’m just passionately curious.”  Albert Einstein

This quote is so hot.  So simple.  Get passionately curious gorgeous one!  Hold on to your passions like industrial strength glue!  When you’re plugged into this mode you’ll glow, you’ll be fulfilled and ooze sexiness and confidence.  It’s the absolute best beauty treatment and it costs nothing.

So why not try a little of this today?  Walk home a different day from work.  Splash someone in the rain.  Taste something you’ve never tried before.  Rent a foreign film…and don’t read the subtitles.  Try a new workout routine, book you would never read, sport, video game, eye shadow.  Eat naked by candlelight.  Find the juiciest fruit you can and savor it.  Let the juices run all over your face!  Get your curious on and play play play.  Oh…and do share you’re newly discovered passions.  You know how much I love to experience new things!

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies