Finding Love Do You Emasculate Men?

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finding love,
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Finding love…do you emasculate men?  You want to be respected in all your glorious femininity, right?  Absolutely.  Do you send that out to men?  In other words, do you give them the respect of how hot the masculine is?  To get respect you must give respect.  Unfortunately, I see women disrespecting men all the time.  In lines at stores.  At friendly gatherings.  Usually he’s making a valid point and she is being dismissive.  Or she is ordering him to do something for her.  Or…he’s trying to do something for her and she’s resisting it.  Or testing him with outrageous requests to see how much he “cares for her.”   I’ve noticed the love he is giving out and she is being dismissive, rude or unappreciative.  What brought this little Sassy Bitch tangent on?  A trip to Walmart.

I was in Walmart two days before Christmas.  Yes…utter zoo.  Don’t hate me, but I’d gotten all my shopping done and was just relaxing and enjoying all the colorful packages and bargains in the make up area.  Out of the corner of my eye I notice a handsome man looking at the make up.  I wandered to the next aisle and soon he was in the same aisle with me.  Looking completely confused.  That’s love I thought.  I hope she appreciates him.  We make eye contact and here is our conversation:

Handsome Man:  Could I ask you for some advice?

Sassy Bitch:  Sure.

Handsome Man:  Where is the Bare Escentuals?

I’m thinking…really…you sent out your man to find you make up for Christmas?  What the hell is wrong with you, girlfriend?

Sassy Bitch:  You can’t buy that here.  You’re in the right section, it’s mineral make-up, but you can only get Bare Escentuals at high-end stores like Sephora or Ulta.

Handsome man looks at the make up.  Knowing what he’s thinking I say:

Sassy Bitch:  And you can’t buy this mineral make up.  She knows what she wants…the Bare Escentuals.  If you buy this, you’ll be screwed.

Handsome Man laughs in appreciation of my honesty with him. 

More conversation and then I send him on his way.  With simple instructions.  “Go to Sephora.  Ask for help picking out something when you are there.”

What woman in her right mind would send a man to get her make up for Christmas?  It’s okay to want these things, ladies.  It’s okay to ask your men to do these things for you.  But be smart!  Tell him something like this:  I would love this product as a gift.  You can only get it from Sephora.  I would so appreciate it if you would give me a gift certificate to Sephora so I can go wild with experimentation!  I’ll email you a link.  Done.

It’s emasculating to get a man to shop for make up for you.  It’s like him asking you to change his oil for him, go to Home Depot and find 3/4 inch flat screws or weed wack for him.  The hot men I know would never ask their women to do these things for them.  (If the woman wants to do it that is another story!) So why do women emasculate their men like this?  Anger, Bitches.  We all get angry with men.  Men from our past, things our Dads did to piss us off, communication differences, blah blah blah.  If you don’t think you’re angry at men…you are one scary Bitch.  You aren’t being honest with yourself.  You are truly scary!  Get rid of the anger, ladies…you will start to see the love.

Sometimes in our zeal to have a man show us love, we miss the ways he is already showing us.  This is a symptom of not taking care of your anger.  As for the people out there who are trying to turn men into women?  This is an angry woman at work.  They don’t get them so they’ve decided to change them.   And give up all their power.  Men are not women.  The sexes have differences.  Brilliant differences that work in our favor as women.  Men produce for us.  Let them do it.  In their own way.  Yes, tell them what you want, but respect their hot maleness.  Get rid of the anger and you will start to see how they would do anything to make us smile.  Even shop in the make up aisle at Walmart!  Just because they would do that for us doesn’t make it right.  Respect.

Appreciation gets you so much more.  When your anger starts simmering, breathe, don’t be critical and try not to take your frustration out on him.  This is taking your power.  This is the ultimate control.  Let men be men.  Don’t control them by getting them to do things for you to “see how much they care.”  It’s sooo good when you release that control and appreciate.  You can’t even imagine.  Consider when you are finding love.  Love, Goddess

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