Emotional Rescue

Embrace your claws!  Anne Taintor pic from Tammy Martin Landscape design.

We’re blessed with emotions…or are we?  Sassy smile.

We aren’t really taught how to play, party and adore each and every one.  I’m referring to the big, bad, scary ones.  The ones like fear, anger and jealousy.   We’re taught to push them away so we can keep on keeping on.  The only thing we push away is … the truth.  You don’t need a Prince to rescue you.  A Sassy Bitch rescues herself by surrendering to her emotions, discovering the truth and rocking it and those in her hot orbit!  So are you ready to own your emotions and learn how to not take any more crap from those around you?  Are you ready to deal with all the negative emotions with glorious Sassy Bitch action?  My new coaching program gives you the tools to do just that.

What you will learn:

  • Why do men push our emotional buttons?  Get ready to hear all!
  • What can I do to gain the upper hand in the male button pushing game?
  • Why is it important to deal with the negative emotions instead of pushing them away?
  • What exactly are the negative emotions hiding from me?

What you will have at the end of the course:

  • Email references full of fun and actions to take to help you deal effectively with emotions like jealousy, anger, fear.
  • A better understanding of the humans who use “button pushing behavior.”  So you can deal with these little “charmers” in a more effective way.
  • Homework designed to help you continue conquering the negative emotions and achieve the ultimate goal:  Bottom line communication of your TRUTH.

What is included in the program:

  • Three weeks of live – via teleconference – phone sessions with me.
  • Motivating and empowering homework, tips, tools and inspiration to help you respect and gain control of your negative emotions.  This is an important key to owning your Sassy, Confident Bitch.
  • Email support from me for questions that come up during the course.

The price of my 3 week Private Coaching course is $350.00.  Email me at  goddess@bitchlifestyle.com  to be included in the course.


“Thanks so much for your coaching program.  It has helped me more than anything I’ve ever tried!”  Janet

“I was so angry regarding my divorce.  I was searching for information on the web and your website came up.  It made so much sense and sounded so much more fun than other internet reading!  I signed up and have really enjoyed our conversations in coaching.  Thanks for everything!”  Katherine

“After the first week and the exercises you gave me, I couldn’t believe how much lighter I felt.  I felt like I had dumped so much crap.  I was seeing how the Drama Queen was ruling my life.  Thank you for such an uplifting and inspiring program!  Denise

Love, Goddess

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Emotional Rescue 101

Gorgeous picture of Alanis Morissette from USA Today:  http://www.usatoday.com/life/music/reviews/story/2012-08-27/listen-up-alanis-morissette/57353318/1

I was reading the paper on Sunday and had to roll my eyes at this condescending question from a reporter to Alanis Morissette:

Reporter:  Is it frustrating that some people still think of you as “angry Alanis” because of that song?  (You Oughta Know)

Alanis:  It’s a joke to think that anyone is one thing.  We’re all such complex creatures.  But if I’m going to be a poster child for anything, anger’s a gorgeous emotion.  It gets a bad rap, but it can make great changes happen.


Humans were given the honor of emotions.  Good, bad and really really ugly.  Just like we were given:

  1. Eyes to see
  2. Legs to walk
  3. Skin to feel and protect
  4. Hearts and lungs to breathe
  5. Lips to kiss, lick and smile with

So why do we not honor ALL our emotions as well?  Anger, frustration, impatience and … jealousy?  Why are we taught these are all bad and we should “control them?”  Yes, there are times we should learn to control them.  Like at a wedding if you are having a horrible fight with someone at the event.  Or in the boardroom.  Or any number of places.  But if we do not honor them and learn techniques to deal with emotions like anger and jealousy, the truth they are hiding is never revealed.   Pushing away and controlling our anger over our lifetime affects our health and how we learn to deal with others.  The further we push the anger away, the further we push the truth away.  Our truth is ourselves.  What we truly think, feel, or want to say.   Anger is passion.  Truth is what you are PASSIONATE about.

It’s time to turn these negative emotions into positives.  And are we ever!  Next week I am going to give you the details on a brand new coaching program.  A 3 week coaching program that will give you the tools and techniques to start turning these overwhelming emotions into something much more useful:  POWER!  Get ready to learn ways to “make change happen” and understand that these dark emotions are:  Your glorious truth!  Love, Goddess

 © S Stevens Life Strategies