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Feeling Delicious About You

I wrote this blog because I had just worked out. And I felt delicious! My heart was gently pounding, my muscles had been stretched and challenged, I was thirsty from the exertion, and my face was flushed and glowing! It amazes me how much better I feel after working out. It also amazes me how much I don’t want to work out in the moments before starting to work out. I come up with every excuse in the book. No way. I have too much to do today. I hate sweating. It’s boring. It’s Monday. It takes so long! I’m tired. Etc, etc. So…how do I get to the fun? The delicious feeling I have after working out? Good old “fun” analysis. Just like savoring, passion and flirtation, I have to find the magic formula to keep me feeling delicious.

My first thought was: I’m resisting the good feelings. I’m resisting the endorphins that give me energy and glow for the remainder of the day. Why would I do that? Just like we say “no” to the fun in anything. We don’t take the time and savor what makes us feel good so we feel good less. Like my earlier blog on fear: We are a “no pain no gain society.” Let’s apply this quote to working out. Who wants to focus on “no pain no gain?” That’s no fun. The fun part is enjoying how amazing you feel after. Right?

What I want: The deliciousness I feel after working out. What will get me to that delicious glow?  My analysis on the subject has to include what I don’t like when working out. My researched solution is italics.

  • I don’t like the word “exercise.” LOL. So I will call it “moving my body.”
  • I don’t like routine. So I cannot “commit myself” to just one program. So I won’t. Because I like variety I will have a variety of ways to “move my body” at my disposal (Netflix, Exercise TV or purchase different DVDs) When it’s nice outside I’ll try new activities.
  • Sometimes I don’t feel like doing an hour of activity. Or 30 min. Or 20 min. Thank goodness for On Demand. They have 10 minute “move your body” segments. I can do a little here and a little there.
  • Whenever I don’t want to “move my body” I focus on how good I feel after I do. Those endorphins feel so good. I glow and feel delicious. I say this over and over and let it wash over me.
  • If I really truly do not want to “move my body” I will not beat myself up about it. Because it’s not fun beating myself up!

Switching to this way of thinking takes practice. It didn’t happen to me overnight. But isn’t focusing on what feels good so much more fun? If you would like to take a bite out of this way of thinking, check out my other posts. They are full of ways to find the fun. Remember…a delicious you is a pleasure to everyone around you!  Love, Goddess

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