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What Would You Enjoy From a Man This Week?

So, lovely ladies.  Here we are.  It’s man week, day two.   I was thinking…what would I like from men this week?  What would  YOU like to enjoy from a man this week?  Remember yesterday’s blog?  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2009/05/what-you-can-do-to-land-a-man-give-me-a-break/  Did you write your list of how a man can win a date with hot, sexy and fantastic you?   

I have several men in my life.  Options A, B and C.  Upon examination of this I realized that even though I think all of these guys are hot and charming, there’s one thing I want more than romance this week.  For this web site to become a success.  My burning desire to spread fun, laughter and play in the world is more powerful right now.  I LOVE working on this project.  However…I enjoy flirting with men everyday too.  It’s so much fun to play, laugh and be sensual with men.  It’s like a little pick-me up during the day.  And lord knows we all work better with a little fun distraction during the day, right?  So here is my “Man Goal” this week:  I want to flirt more with men this week.  Enjoy and appreciate them putting a smile on my face.

Flirting is playful.  We flirt with our really close girlfriends.  It feels so good to ooo and ahh over each other, doesn’t it?  So here’s your assignment, if you choose to join me.  (Flirtatious wink at you)

Flirtation Assignment:

1.  We shall flirt our cute butts off with everything that moves.  Not just the cute guys.  We shall broaden our flirtation horizons to include those cute little old ladies and men.  Doctors, nurses, your banker.  The people who wait on you in the store.  Pets.  LOL. 

2.  We shall take note of our flirtation progress.  What do you notice when you flirt?  Do you notice that it brightens up every-one’s day?  I used to HATE flirting until I saw what fun it could be. 

And the really good thing about flirting with everything?  It’s safe practice.  Safe practice for when the really smokin’ hot guy comes along.  Yay!  But Goddess, I’m way too busy and tired to flirt.  I hear you.  I’ve been so busy I’ve been remiss in this area too.  (Giggle)…even after declaring this man week I didn’t get I was being remiss!   I didn’t notice until last night I had to get with the program.   Last night I flirted with men on the way to rehearsal and it felt really good. 

So…in the name of being exhausted, too shy, afraid, all of the excuses and fears that we can dream up, will you try a taste at flirtation today?  The whole week?  Maybe it’s just a shy smile, a quick glance, or a giggle.  Or you can go full out with everyone you encounter.  The next time you try it will be easier and more natural.  Are you with me?  As always, I can’t wait to hear how it goes!  Love, Goddess 

PS:  I would love to hear what your “Man Goal” for the week is, too!

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