A Fun Bitch Quiz to Share with Your Girlfriends

You know those silly quizzes you see everywhere analyzing your relationship with your boyfriend/husband? I have a new quiz. One fun and less prone to put us women in a “state of doubt” or “worry” about our relationships with our men. I’m going to share a fun “Bitch Quiz” for your girlfriends.  I sent this one to my best friend a few moments ago. It includes some basic women’s thrills as well as the personal ones from our lives:

A little quiz for you by me: (check your favorite answer)

Dear Sassy Spell Vixen Mary Ann:

1. Our friendship is:
a. More beautiful than Manolo Blahnik shoes
b. Better than sex
c. Better than our favorite foodie destination: Chili’s (This is a funny personal story!)
d. So yummy, fun, playful and adventure filled
e. All of the above

2. Whenever I think of you I feel:
a. Hot
b. Hungover
c. So lucky to be your friend
d. Like having a “Drama Queen” moment
e. Depending on the activity: boot camp, massage, skinny dipping…exhausted

3. Let’s get together soon and:
a. Drink the most exotic sounding cocktail we can conjure up
b. You shop…I watch
c. Continue our nail polish obsession by adding to our collection
d. Buy tons of cocktail napkins with funny sayings on them
e. Ride around in a hot convertible and ooze sexiness and fun
f. Find a hot man to feed us something delicious

I miss you…

Simmering Seductress (me)

My little gift from me to your friends. So if you like, copy, paste and edit in your favorite moments.  Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies