Boredom to Fun

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Said the fab Tallulah Bankhead to Joan Crawford. From the uber fun website Butch in Progress

“I am SO bored,”  my client said.

Meanwhile, I am exhausted because I have so much to do and experience that I didn’t get home TWO nights this week until 4:00am!

I get boredom, everyone.  I’ve been there.  I never want to be back there again.  When you fill your life with passion and fun?  Time to sit on the couch and doing absolutely nothing is pure bliss. Years ago I started a diary.  On the very first page was  an entry that bored the **** out of me.  I vowed NEVER to have another entry like it.  So… I filled my life with my passions and fun.  If there was a lull in the action I would read the first page of that diary:   As a reminder of all the amazing changes I’d made to add to my bliss…and encourage me to add more!   I haven’t referred to it in over a year now because I am blissfully out of time.

What is a powerful first step out of boredom?  Look at your schedule.  I made my client write down her basic weekly schedule.  This is what she sent me:

  1. Get up at 6:00am
  2. Work out, shower and eat a banana for breakfast
  3. Work
  4. Errands, maybe shop or happy hour, pick up dinner and go home
  5. Watch Housewives of XYZ until 10:30pm
  6. Lather rinse and repeat…5 days of the week.  (Okay…I added that one out of Sassy Boredom)
  7. Weekend:  Errands, dinner or movie with friends

She said she was content and happy, but after looking at her schedule?  She saw how much more she could add to her life!  Then she realized she had been working for years to pay off her school debt and now that she had paid it off, she was still living like she was in debt.  I told her she didn’t need to start spending a pile of money.  She can save and add a few modest things to her life so she was more enmeshed in her passions.  She researched passions that she hadn’t thought of in years.  She made a bucket list.  Now, a few months later, she is never bored. She has taken up hobbies and even started a side crafting business.  She has discovered how fulfilling and blissful “exhaustion” can be!  She also realized how her “comfort zone” had made her complacent.  Which was boring!

How about you?  Are you ready to fight boredom?  Nothing fights boredom like adding some fun to your life.  Fun is a great stress reducer.  Notice how much a good laugh releases stress? Plan your next adventure, insert fun into your day and the next time you are feeling stressed or bored?  Google the word “fun” for ideas.  Or here is a nice web site for a ton of ideas!

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Love, Goddess

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Enthusiasm and the Gorgeous Bert Kreischer

Video of Bert Kreischer bringing much-needed fun to random couples in his new show “Trip Flip.” 

I was listening to a radio interview this morning over morning coffee.   The interviewee was a man I’d never heard of.  A host on The Travel Channel named Bert Kreischer.  I instantly fell in love.  What turned me on?  His enthusiasm and zest for life.  How unbelievably grateful he was for all he had and what he attributed his success to.  Here it is:

“I don’t say no a lot.  If it sounds like a good time I’ll do it.”  Bert Kreischer

If you heard his initial background you would be like…oh…that so fits.   Bert Kreischers’ claim to fame in college was being featured as Rolling Stones’ “top partier” in the US from Florida State University.  It took him some time to earn this title too.  He didn’t earn it until his 6th YEAR of college.  In the interview he said that all he did was party.  There is even a YouTube of him getting his butt waxed.  His parents, understandably concerned.

What do I think he owes his success to?  His utter zest for life and eagerness to be playful and fun.  I’m sure he oodles charisma.  If I can fall in love with him on the radio in a couple short minutes?  I’m sure in person he is someone who you just want to be around.  He met Will Smith this way!  Think about those people you just love being around.  They have an infectious energy.  And to top it all off?  He has a lovely self-effacing humor.  That’s when you can make fun of yourself in the most charming way.  Bert talked about how his Dad would lecture him about how to be successful and a few years later he is riding around Italy in a Ferrari!  He gets the irony and he knows that the main reason why he is successful is LUCK.

And that sparkling fun enthusiastic about life personality.  Which led him to hosting Travel programs that send him all over the world…to have fun.

Man…I’m jealous!  I want us to have this kind of fun!  Is is possible?  Hell yeah!  I think my life is pretty damn fun.  I love helping people with Bitch Lifestyle.  In the next few days I have an improv show…one of my absolute passions.  I have lots of plans with friends and a fun trip planned to NYC.  So how fun do you think you are?  Do you own your sense of fun whatever that is?  It may not be on the scale of Berts’, but whatever it is that makes you ooze with fun, playful enthusiasm is worth putting at the top of the list!  What will happen if you, like Bert say “YES!” to anything that sounds like a good time? Hmmmmm…open yourself to the YES!

Love, Goddess

Steps to take that will help you ooze with fun and enthusiasm!

  1. Reading my book on Amazon:  Bitch Lifestyle the Manual
  2. Joining our Bitch Rebellion on Facebook:
  3. Private Courses with me!

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Fun Release

Fab Quote found at Fun HD Wallpaper

I’m absolutely exhausted.

In the best sort of way!  I didn’t know how much I’ve needed to let loose until yesterday-Monday morning.  I was spent because I partied on a Sunday night.  Something I never have time, or make time to do.  I went out with a friend of mine because we had a proposal to work on.  We completed it and then proceeded to talk and drink yummy beverages until 1 am.  He does great conversations…which I love!  And you know what?  I could have partied all night.

So what is this about?  Because I’m so busy and love what I’m doing so much…I don’t know when I need to “release” in this sort of way.  My work is so much fun.  It is so much fun to help women find their fun!   This is why sometimes we Sassy Bitches don’t know we need a “Fun Release.”  Sassy Bitches know how to make things fun.  We know when we are pissed off and need to kick box, we know when we need sexual release, we know we’re exhausted and sleep is bliss!  So why don’t we know we take our Fun Release?  Is it guilt?  That could be a big one.  Could it be the time?  That could be it too.  Screw that.

The key is trust.

You have to TRUST.  That what you are doing right now at this moment is the best thing you could be doing for yourself.  So when you stay out late and don’t get all the things done that you meant to?  Recognize the Drama Queen:  guilt may creep in.  Sad, depressing, oh I’m such a bad slacking little Drama Queen.  Well guess what?  When I release the anger, release the sadness and EMBRACE the fun?  I work so much more efficiently.  There is even a very interesting book on this subject:  The 80/20 Principle It’s about focusing on the 20% that really matters to us personally and professionally:

“The unspoken corollary to the 80/20 principle is that little of what we spend our time on actually counts.”  From the 80/20 Principle


So think about it.  80% of what we do may not be critically important to our careers or lives.  You know what I think?  If you take just 20% of all that extra time and have a little more fun, play and exploration?  What is important becomes crystal clear.  What you like and want more of will become clearer.  The path to both feels better.  You just know.  Because your Sassy Bitch is in charge.  Your trust and confidence in yourself help make actions fun!  Barriers become things to get around and TO the fun.  Questioning yourself disappears because the result…what you want…is sooooo GOOD!  This also helps when an opportunity is taken away from you.  You can trust that you will find something better.   Sometimes you just have to do something different and trust that you will learn from it.  Questioning yourself keeps you from doing, which is action.

So the next time you have a huge urge to let go a bit spontaneously?  Try it.  No guilt. It will make your mind quicker, re-ignite your passion for life and make your grass a little more greener.

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Calm Before the Fun

Want to put a smile on my face? Image from Favim:

Right now I’m in what I call the “Calm Before the Fun.”  I’m waiting for the big burst of fun that is coming my way in droves!  In the meantime, I’m working over time with a little fun scheduled in between.    Does this happen to you?  I’ve found this can be a danger zone.  When I’m working more hours than usual I can become overwhelmed with all I want to do and then lose focus.  Then my Drama Queen starts acting up because I’m not focusing on my needs.  Suddenly I find myself to be a bit depressed.  Symptoms of depression spring up courtesy of, yeah, you know her!  Drama Queen.  She starts saying things in my mind like “I want to be happy again!”  “Am I depressed?” So not Sassy Bitch. Something that can help us here is Bitching Up the Pampering!  Have a list of things to do that are indulgent.  This can help refresh you when your mainstays fail.  I’ve done several of these things, feel much better and will share them with you to try.

1.  Bathe like Cleopatra:  You won’t believe how soft and luxurious this bath is:  Powdered milk, essential rose oil, vanilla oil, (or your faves).  Sprinkle real rose petals on top.  Candlelight and soft music.

2. Save your dollars for a DAY at the spa.  Get the whole package.  Massage, facial, pedicure and manicure.  Bitch it up more by going with your best friend.  Have champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and yummy canapes when you get home to share.

3.  Have a Paris Day alone or with your best friend or start off solo and turn it into a party:

  • Start off your day with croissants and cafe au lait.  Extra points for finding a large body of water (a la the Seine) and enjoy your breakfast by the water.
  • Go shopping!  Look and try on clothes and accessories by French Designers.
  • Host a dinner with friends.
  • Slow the **** down!  Savor everything you do today!   Use all the senses when you eat and shop.  Discover new textures, smells and relax.
  • Tables are quite close to each other in Paris Bistros.  Consequently, Parisiennes use their inside voice.  Practice using your inside voice.  Let your voice bring someone in, play with the power of your inside voice.
  • Have a Pot Luck classic Paris Dinner.  Assign courses with you doing the main course.  Ideas:  Salad Lyonnaise, French Onion Soup, Cheeses, Pomme Frites, Roasted Chicken, Haricot Verts, Tarts, Chocolate Mouse.
  • Play French music and watch French movies.
  • Dress Paris style.  Coco Chanel for tips:  Chanel website   

4.  Two words:  Champagne Chocolates!   This was one of the winners in the chocolate survey I did a few years back.

5.  Tocca has the most amazing smelling candles.  My favorite is “Cleopatra.”  I got it for the name and fell in love with the smell!  The freshness of cucumber and grapefruit=intoxicating and seductive.  Just like Cleopatra.  Tocca Cleopatra  When you have a chance, check out the other Cleopatra products but smell them first.  I find them to be a bit different in smell than the candle.

6.  Sleep in Chanel No 5 and nothing else.  Like Marilyn Monroe:  Chanel No. 5

Whatever you do, please take the time for you.  Even a moment to light a gorgeous candle for a few moments before bed.  Then, as you blow out the candle and turn out the lights, you drift off to the loveliness of cucumber and grapefruit.  A little bit of heaven at the end of a busy day!  Love, Goddess

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