Get Outrageous!

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Get outrageous.  Or go full out and be completely outrageous!  Your choice, beautiful.

1.  It’s fresh strawberry season.  Get to the nearest farm stand and get some!  Or any other fresh yummy produce that ‘s in season now.  Bitch it up and feed them to your friends, a hot guy etc.

2.  It’s almost summer.  Make a list of things you absolutely must do.  Plan it.  Circle the dates on your calendar—just like you would an important meeting or Doctors’ appointment.

3.  Go hiking and Bitch it Up.  Instead of the regular picnic items, bring a mini bottle of champagne, a small slice of the best and creamiest French brie,  red ripe grapes, homemade dessert.  Savor each moment in nature and of your sensual meal.  Don’t forget your a picnic blanket.

4.  Find a real old fashioned swimming hole and plan a day with your friends.  Extra points if you can find a tree with one of those tires you can launch yourself from into the water.  Men are Grill Masters.  Have them make you hamburgers and hot dogs.  You and your girlfriends bring potato chips, creamy cole slaw, homemade chocolate chip cookies and whatever goodies that make you smile.  Make sure you bring a comfy blanket so you can take a nice little nap.

5.  Skinny dip.  Bitch it up and invite all your girl friends.  Find a pool, lake, whatever and get over those body inhibitions together.  Or be even more outrageous and refer to #4.  (sly grin)

6.  Find a hot sexy man to walk in the summer rain with…tell him you’d like him to softly kiss you!  Where is up to you.

7.  Go on a lake or ocean day cruise.  Ask the Captain for a personal tour of the ship.  Or the really hot crew member.  It’s up to you.

8.  Go to a bookstore and tell the help you are looking for books that have “outrageous adventure ideas.”  Ask the help what their most “outrageous adventure” was.

9.  One of my goals is to get tickled often this summer.  It’s such a great stress re-leaser and so fun to laugh so hard.  So, get yourself tickled…often!

10.  Get yourself one fantastic summer item that you feel gorgeous in.  A summer dress, shoes or the perfect bling ring.

11.  Put a bag of summer fun in your car.  Sunscreen, beauty items, a badminton set, blanket for the park, fold-up chair, etc.  Enjoy them.  Know that they are there whenever you need them.

And this is just to get your summer fun juiciness running…

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies