Show a Little Love For Your?

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Spring Clean your car!  Make your mode of transportation comfortable-a sanctuary full of things to keep you safe, secure and feeling luscious!

  1. Vacuum and wipe the exterior down.  Spritz a yummy scent or add a few of those perfume samples from magazines to freshen the air.
  2. Thoroughly clean the outside.  Get rid of any grease on your hub caps and shine up the wheels.
  3. Add some cute comfortable pillows.  Pink?  Zebra print?  Bucket seats can be uncomfortable.
  4. Rotate out music you’ve had in the car forever.
  5. Google emergency kits for your car and make one or update the one you have.
  6. Add your fave beauty supplies, personal supplies and yummy snacks.
  7. Add things that you know make you feel beautiful – at the ready when life hits you hard.  Your fave book, magazine, scarf, perfume, glitter, lotions.
  8. For more ideas and items to add for your car Safety Girl:

Have fun turning your car into your moving Palace!  Love, Goddess

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Glamour Week!

Gorgeous lips idea from Red Hot Brides

Glamour Week-Day One!

It’s time to get our glamour on, Bitches!  Get in touch with our Inner Divalicious Babe.  And are we ever.  A whole week of playing with our beauty, our make-up, wardrobes, hair.  I’ll be giving you homework here, on Twitter and on  Facebook.  Your assignment is to do as much as you want, to share what you discover and offer us your own Glamour Bitch tips.  So here we go with Day One:

The Bitch in Red.  Play with this fab and glamorous color!  It’s amazing what this color can do for you and your life.  Do a little or a lot:

  1. Paint your toes a bright, sultry, gorgeous red.
  2. Wear your favorite red lipstick or gloss wherever you go.  Wear it on errands, not so fun meetings, to bed!
  3. Find a gorgeous red accessory in your wardrobe-dress, purse, shoes and wear it.  Own it.
  4. If you’re really feeling like Bitching it up, dress head to toe in red.
  5. Before you leave the house,  FEEL this hot sexy color of red.  Dance to SexyBack and add any of homework assignments 1-4.
  6. Really do your make up.  Everything.  Do neutral make up and make your red lips the star of your face.
  7. Share your ultra glamorous red tips on our Facebook page:!/pages/Bitch-Lifestyle/205875411841  When you find a glamorous red tip you like, do it.
  8. How about adding a pop of red to your living quarters?

Gorgeous room design by Davinong

So all you have to do now is take action, let your beautiful mind run wild…and play!

Love, Goddess

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