Be Unforgettable

Actress Sherilyn Fenn from the web blog Sweet Life Saga

Do you feel unforgettable?  Yeah, some days I’m a little iffy there.  Well, let’s play with that a little bit.  Maybe make it a fun experiment over the weekend?  Hmmmm?  One or our favorite things to do growing up was playing dress up.  When we grow up, we get so busy we forget one of our most favorite activities EVER!  So let’s get back to that fun euphoria again.  Here are some ideas to sass you up into “Unforgettable You.”

  1. Do you have a signature scent?  If so, what is it?  If not, start exploring.  Go to a perfume counter and spritz some different brands on sample papers.  After letting them rest for a few moments, revisit the scents.  Take your two favorites and spritz on each wrist.  Wait a few more minutes.  Continue until you find something you absolutely adore.  I recently discovered Ralph Lauren “Romance.”  Mmmmmm….
  2. Who are you fashion wise?  Lauren Hutton All-American?  Soft and feminine?  Edgy Biker Chic?  Do you want to play with your Inner Seductress or Siren?  Find a way to bring your “Vixen” to your everyday wardrobe?  Look in your closet for ways to do this.  Go shopping and try something on out of your comfort zone:  a style of dress, color, accessory etc.
  3. Make-Up:  Play with different colors and looks.  Create your own personal “smokey eye.”  Combine with #2 idea from above.
  4. What is your favorite color?  Wear it.
  5. Your hair is your crowning glory.  Treat it that way.  Find a Sephora near you and visit the hair section.  I love Sephora because you can try everything!  Experiment with all the brands and then get the perfect hair care for your gorgeous locks.
  6. What are your favorite flowers?  Buy them.  Just for you.  Enjoy the scent, color and texture.  Put them by your bed when you go to sleep.  You deserve it!
  7. Find a glowing light like above and bask in it like Sherilyn does.  Dress, no dress, as naughty or nice as you like it.

Then…as a final touch, when you’ve made yourself unforgettable…say it.  Smile, feel the warmth tingling in your body and purr, “I Am Unforgettable!”

Resources, Ideas and Tips for your “Inner Unforgettable.”

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Love, Goddess

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Dita Von Teese-A Study in Naughty Glamour

dita von teese,glamour,strip tease, burlesque
The Fabulous Dita Von Teese from Poppies

Dita Von Teese…the whole glamour package.  She has developed her glamour, her sensuality and passion for burlesque into an art form.  From Dita’s Official Web Site: 

“She is the biggest name in burlesque since Gypsy Rose Lee. She is a modern day fashion icon who tops best-dressed lists all over the world. She is credited for bringing back the glamour and allure of Old Hollywood stars. Self-created. Distinctive. Iconic. Often imitated, never duplicated. She is Dita Von Teese.”

Dita creates every aspect of her famous burlesque shows.  Music, costumes, sets, lights.  Below is a picture from her famous “Cocktail Glass Show.”

dita von teese,dita von teese cocktail glass,burlesque,vintage pin up,glamourous celebrities,
Gorgeous image from Daily Mail UK

She is the best selling author of two books:  Dita: Stripteese  and  Burlesque and the Art of the Teese .  Dita is a self-styled fashion icon that has topped international best dressed lists and walked in high profile fashion-shows. Dita will bring some of her signature fashion style to the masses with a new fragrance, lingerie collection, and dress  collection this fall.  All will be available on her web site, beauties!

She is a passionate advocate for the fight against HIV and AIDS.  Dita was a MAC Viva Glam Spokesperson from 2006-2008 and in 2009 she participated in the H&M/Fashion Against Aids campaign. She has also performed and appeared at several events for Amfar and was honored with their Award of Courage in 2008.

So your home work is this.  Visit her web site, find your own unique glamour and become the Belle in your very own Self Created Ball.  Like Dita has.

Love, Goddess

More research on Dita and her glamorous, seductive and slightly naughty ways:

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Make Your Eyes Sparkle-Literally!

 Do a little or a lot…all up to you and your Inner Glamorous Bitch.  Gorgeous example of glitter make up from the Fabulous web site Vampiress Doll

Glamour Week Day Three:  Make your eyes sparkle…literally!

Find glitter eyeliners and enhance your eyes.  (Hint:  Ulta has NYX)  They come in a rainbow of the most luscious colors.  Create a day and night look.  The final touch…along the eyeliner line, sweep a precise line of glitter in the color of your choice.  This will add a dazzling touch to your eyes.  Whomever you encounter will be drawn in.  Guaranteed to get you compliments!  And since eyes are the mirrors to our hot, sassy little souls, it’s the perfect thing to make sparkle!

Oh the homework I have you do…(sassy smile)  Have fun!  Love, Goddess

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Longing To Be Someone Else

 Picture of Cleopatra from the beautiful This Miss Loves to Read

Have you ever longed to be someone else? 

When I was a little girl I longed to be a glamorous movie star.  A lot of us probably did.  When I got older, I loved soap operas and imagined the excitement of being a heroine or bad girl.  Never a dull moment and these women always looked fantastic.  As I matured, I started to admire strong women.  Like the ones we’ve discussed here.

Now?  I find a fault with all the women I wished to become in the past.  Things in their lives I would not dig.

1.  Cleopatra:  Someone always trying to kill her, then suicide by an asp.  Yuck.

2.  Movie stars:  Always being under a microscope, gossip, no privacy.  Yuck.

Which means I’d rather be me.  Most of the time.  (insert sassy smile here)  That’s confidence.  That wonderful state of being that’s sometimes hard keep in our day to day lives.  But there is a cool thing about wanting to be someone famous.  There’s something in them that you connect with.  Here are five of my favorites and what I connected to:

1.  Cleopatra:  I was facinated by her ability to lead…the confidence she possessed.

2   Judge Judy:  Speaking in a clear, bottom line way. 

3.  Carole Lombard:  The life of the party, warm, witty, glamorous.

4.  Elle Woods:  Disciplined, warm, loving, always looking fabulous. Her personal initiative.  She never judges.

I discovered what I loved so much in these women—were in me.  Waiting to come out and play.  Kinda cool, huh?  So who do you admire and why?  Is that a part of you that wants to come out deep in your soul?  What ways can you help her come out?  Copying a style?  Taking a leadership class?  Practicing speaking directly?  That’s a lot to think about.  Maybe just pick one woman and see what really turns you on about her and explore.

See…you really can have it all. (warm smile)

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