Oscars 2010 Dress Demi Moore looks Fabulous!

Actor | RolesClass | Individual | Demi Moore  Demi Moore, Oscars 2010 photo from EW.com


I didn’t watch the Oscars.   Zero interest.  So the last thing I thought I would be doing today is writing about a dress!  When  I saw this dress on the news this morning, I thought it was perfect feminine glamour.  Love it. 

Is there a dress that blew your mind?  Why?  In the meantime enjoy Demi Moore in her Glamorous Glory!

Love, Goddess

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Everyday Glamour

She’s got it.  For more glamorous puppy pics, visit fashionistapuppies

Glamour! I get excited when it’s time to glam myself up for a big night out.  I feel so good after working out, showering, manicuring, coiffing, shimmering and putting on special make up.  I also see it as a ton of work.  So how do I keep this wonderful glamorous feeling with my busy schedule?

I finally figured out a system.  Part of this comes from one of the most beautiful women on the planet…my friend Spell Vixen.  She told me to have “certain looks for certain activities.”  I got it, but it sounded like too much work.  This was my process:  I would wear jeans and lip gloss for rehearsal.  Simple dresses for everyday, work etc.  Yawn.  I’m even boring myself remembering and writing about it!  LOL.  She has patiently tried to teach me for years.  I’m so lucky to have such a patient friend.  I have to say, I was never really enthusiastic about this whole process.  So I tired, but not consistently.

Finally…a few days ago I got it.  This was the second part:  Seeing the fun involved in glamour…and how simply it could be achieved.  I actually thought about my wardrobe and what I was doing that day.  I was going to rehearsal.  I have the cutest Calvin Klein summer dress.  Feminine but sporty at the same time.  Instead of just grabbing my usually shoes (the black ones that went perfectly with it) I really looked at the dress.  It was too casual for the shoes I usually wore with it.  Then I saw my cute Mudd flip flops with the funky fringe on them.  Perfect!  I did the same thing with my other accessories and make up and I felt so much more put together.  And it took only a few moments.

Then I remembered my “Fun Beauty Scrapbook.”  It’s filled with things and ideas I’ve clipped out of magazines over the years.  Loaded with fun ideas I rarely do or have taken the time enjoy.  I opened it yesterday and got really excited.  I had clipped all these beauty swatches on how to achieve the following looks:  “Good Girl” “Seductress” “All American,” etc.  I’ve decided to do them all…finally.  Just play with those versions of looks I love in magazines.  Want to play with me?  Let’s play grown-up dress up together ladies!  Here are some ideas for you to play with…for you.  Discover and enjoy new or rusty facets of wonderful you:

1.  This is a fun link.  It gives you tips, pictures and ideas to channel another part of your luscious self:  In Style Online Magazine

2.  Take a few items that make you feel “glamorous” and put them in your purse, in your car or a special drawer at work.  These items could include:  a hot red lip gloss, moisturizer in your favorite fragrance, shimmer powder, a special piece of jewelry, shimmer spray…you get the idea.  Put these things everywhere.  Instant glamour at your finger tips!

So in review, here are keys to “Everyday Glamour”

1.  Have different “looks” for different activities.

2. Focus on what fun it is to transform yourself to a complete “look.”  It can be a simple as changing your shoes or lip gloss!

Enjoy playing hot ones!  I would adore hearing any fun “personas” or glamour tips for us to try and share!  Love, Goddess

Want more?  How about stocking your Glamour Arsenal with these classics, tips and reading!

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When Do You Feel Most Beautiful?

It’s loving our Beauty week and I’ve been thinking about when I feel most beautiful.   Here are a few instances.  I would love for you all to share yours.  Yay!   A toast to sharing new ideas to experience our beauty together.

1.  Today I feel incredibly beautiful.  And the goofy thing?  I have no make up on, nothing.  Not even my beloved lip gloss.  Not one smidgeon of sparkle.  I’m just higher than a kite on life.  I’ve had some fun success in my business and personal life today.  I’m basking and reveling in it.

2.  The sun is finally out!  For those of you in New England it’s been mighty dreary of late.  There’s nothing like the feel of warm sunshine on your body! 

3.  When I make someone else feel good, it makes me feel beautiful!

4.  Dancing, eating chocolate, making love, skinny dipping, blowing kisses, riding in a convertible…

5.  When I let someone I love go…and they come back.

6.  When I let something go…anger at someone, something, etc.   It’s hard to let go sometimes, but the weight that’s lifted makes my heart sing!

7.  After a really tough work out.

So looking forward to hearing what makes you beauties glow!

Love, Goddess

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Susan Boyle and the Famous Seductress

Image from Encyclopedia: http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Pauline_Viardot-Garcia.aspx

Men committed suicide over this Seductress! 

It’s time to bust wide open the image of “The Seductress.”  The Seductress in our society is all movie star glamour and modelesque perfection.  A ridiculous “standard” to live up to.  And we don’t have to.  We are unique, gorgeous and fabulous—The Seductress magic is in us. All we have to do is find the magic within us and display it to the world. KNOW that the creative magic buried within us: our singing, writing, cooking, financial brain or wit brings the world pleasure. In these blog pages I will share “Old” Seductresses with you. I’ll share the smart, sassy and artistic ones too. We start with someone “society” would never call a Seductress. Boy were they wrong! Her name? Pauline Viardot.

Pauline Viardot was an opera singer who was born in 1821. She had extraordinary gifts as a singer and had it all: A long happy life, domestic and professional success and was adored by some of the most distinguished men of her time. When Ivan Turgenev, a twenty five year old aristocratic Lothario heard her sing, he abandoned Russian and followed her around the world for the rest of his life. From the book “Seductress” by Betsy Prioleau.  An absolute must must read:  Seductress

‘She was one of the plainest seductresses on record…’ ‘Everyone who saw Pauline Viardot pronounced her “very ugly,” “strikingly ugly,” or “atrociously homely.” Dark and crude featured, she had hooded eyelids, a receding chin, a wide mouth with a heavy underlip, and an H shaped figure.”  Here is a link to photos of our fabulous seductress:

So how did she do it? She knew what she wanted, stayed focused on her goals, and was enmeshed in her Goddess given talents. The result? She created pleasure wherever she went and had a wonderful life.

Like Susan Boyle. The unexpected beauty of her singing. Unexpected because it was pure, raw Susan talent. Not one snitch of “commercialization” “other point of view” or “how can I make her look more American Idol,” in an ounce of her performance. And the world is fascinated. Charmed. Adoring of her. Just like the fabulous Pauline Viardot.

And “The World” is already trying to change her. Mold her. Take away the fascination of pure Susan. Have you seen the recent pictures, ladies? Let’s take a moment and desire her to stay exactly the way she is. And love her for it. While we’re at it, take a moment and love ourselves for our own unique inner beauty.

In honor of the breathtaking Susan Boyle and Pauline Viardot, let us stay true to our blessed fabulousness. Admire your gorgeous self in the mirror today, your smile, the curve of your hips. Decorate yourself. Dance to your favorite song. Hold true to you. It’s what I love about each and every woman, girl, person I meet!

With love and admiration, Goddess

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