Thanksgiving Celebrations and Irritations

Mmmmm…Thanksgiving.  The food.  The long weekend off from work.  Hours of *ecstatic sigh*  NFL Football, the anticipation of more celebrations to come with family and friends.  The suprises!  And the less so fun.  Like the co-workers or that certain family member that just LOVES to push your buttons.  And they’re soooo good at it.  They bother you even before they stick out their button pushing finger.  LOL.  So how do we keep the Thanksgiving celebration going with the irritations and curve balls that may crop up?  How well to you let things slide off you?  My Thanksgiving gift to you is your own little “Keep the Sassy Bitch Purring During the Celebration Season Guide.”

  1. Are you prepared to Celebrate your Sassy Bitch Ass off during the upcoming season?
  2. Are you able to stay focused on being happy and sassy when things go awry?
  3. Do you have a sense of humor when things out of your control go awry?

Item number 1:  Are you prepared to Celebrate your Sassy Bitch Ass off during the upcoming season? 

a.  I’m not talking about your Martha Stewart calender of organization.  I’m talking your “fun schedule.”  The schedule that makes you fashionably late for a party because you took an extra half hour to give yourself a manicure before the event.  Spend time developing your very own Celebration Ritual to you keep sane, sassy and rested.  So you can enjoy the whole crazy, wonderful, loving, suprise filled season with relish.  You have energy to make snow angels or go ice skating with some spiked or not spiked hot cocoa.  Experience your first sleigh ride or have a snow ball fight.  Take your moments to play and it will pay off in dividends during this season.

b.  Take care of your stress by dancing your booty off, working out, meditating. Whatever works for you!  My clients have noticed how much dancing and working out has helped their stress.  How much more they can do and how it helps keep them calm.

Item 2:  Are you able to stay focused on being happy and sassy when things go awry?

This takes a little Martha Stewart preparation, but make it fun!  Schedule fun every day.  Find creative solutions when road blocks happen.  Try to start thinking like this:

  • When I get this done tonight…I would love to relax with so and so later.  I’ll call to see if they want to meet up for a champagne toast or yummy dessert.  If not, I’ll find the perfect place to go and just do it!
  • Oh…there is so much traffic.  Tonight I’ll go home and do my shopping online.  I know I can get A, B and C done.
  • I’ve got my work party tonight.  I’m going to go early, talk everyone up then make the quickest exit possible.  Then I’ll do this (insert your fun idea here) to celebrate all I have accomplished this year and think and enjoy all the goals I’m going to accomplish next!
  • It’s family time and so and so will be there.  I’m going to prepare myself with pleasant, vague ways to excuse myself when they try to corner me.  I will not let them bring me down.  I’ll do anything to make myself feel empowered…maybe create a hot mantra while applying lip gloss.  “Yes,  I’m ******* fabulous.”  Then let the irritation slide off me.

Item 3:  Do you have a sense of humor when things out of your control go awry?

If you take really good care of yourself, your sense of humor will appear naturally.  You may finding yourself wanting to giggle when no one else wants to.  Priceless.

Now get out there and play your butts off this week!  Be thankful and take exquisite care of hot, sassy little YOU!

Love, Goddess

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