Your Theme Song

your theme song,
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Today at Bitch U, we discuss your theme song.  Your home work is to find or identify yours.  Here’s why:

1.  It’s kind of fun to have a theme song.  Or the thought of it, yes?  Mine is “I’m a Bitch” by Meredith Brooks.   I even have it as my ring tone. 😉

2.  Feel less than sexy? Shake your butt to “SexyBack,” Justin Timberlake

3.  Right before an important event play your song to sass you up and get rid of any nerves.  (First date, speech, ie)

4.  Feeling depressed?  Embrace it with: “Bad Day,” Daniel Powter 

5.  Feeling pissed? Dissipate it:  “Fighter,” Christina Aguilera 

6.  Bitch up #4 by dancing really slow and sensually. Look in a mirror and kiss it good bye with a sassy swirl of your hips.

7.  Play and have fun with the idea of finding your perfect theme song.  Or songs. 😉

8.  Please share your songs and why here and on our Bitch Lifestyle Facebook page  

9.  Double please for #8!  I sooo want to hear your hot ideas! They will help all of us rock our emotions.

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

We’re Bringing Sassy Back!

“SexyBack,” Justin Timberlake check out other awesome videos on THIS Youtube sight!  

We’re bringing sassy back.   Even when you’re having a bad day.  Here’s your assignment when you feel like throwing something or somebody.

Play this video “SexyBack” from Justin Timberlake and dance to it.  Move slow and sexy or shake your body into a frenzy.  Play that sexy, sassy butt off.  Do this on a good day too.  Whenever you like.  As many times as you like.

Maybe we can turn this into our theme song here at Bitch Lifestyle.  We just need to get approval from Justin.  Justin?  Would you mind creating a version of “SexyBack” for us at Bitch Lifestyle?  Call it “We’re Bringing SassyBack?”  If you could make a video of it for us and shake your gorgeous butt that would be awesome too.  😉  I have a whole bunch of fun ideas that you would love if you gave me a minute.  One minute to discuss the possibilities.  (insert sassy, warm smile here)

Now sassy ones, dance to your hotness!  Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies