Keys to Success: What a Savvy Woman Wouldn’t Do

Keys to Success: What a Savvy Woman Wouldn’t Do.  Having one of those days?  A day full of curve balls, irritations and no room to fit them all in?  First things’ first.  Before you do one more thing:

  1. Take care of yourself.  With a shot of tequila, a shower or a manicure/pedicure.
  2. Find your humor and your perseverance.  Watch the video above and then revisit the full article here:  What a Sassy Bitch Wouldn’t be Caught Dead Doing

Right here and now we are going to focus on one of the biggest Keys to Success: What a Savvy Woman Wouldn’t do scenarios:

Failing to rise to the challenge.

You have two choices here.  Rock it or Run.  Challenges are like a little wink from the Universe. You want more in life?  Universe is asking if you want to play.  Throw off the urge to give Ms. Universe the finger.  Or not.  Give her the finger and then start rocking that challenge!  But back to first things first…

1. Take care of yourself.  So you can get past the emotional element and start to focus on what you want.  The Drama Queen, aka “the emotional element” in you wants to keep you unfocused and unhappy.  She loves you unhappy and insecure.  This is why you must take care of yourself.  By putting the attention on you and not her negative ways, you are telling her to SHUT UP!    Once you get Drama Queen to shut up…you can focus.  Which brings us to the second part of the “rising to the challenge” process.

2.  Look for the positive in the challenge.  Trust me.  There IS one in there. Lurking past the pain, frustration and anger.  Drama Queen wouldn’t know pleasure if it hit her in her depressed little face. She only knows pain.  She can’t see that the challenge is change. A change that means your desires are going to be fulfilled. Desires are funny that way.  Sometimes they are hidden behind something you don’t want to let go:

  1. A man who is bad for you
  2. A “friend” who does nothing but suck the life out of you
  3. Your comfort zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Ms. Universe wants you to be uncomfortable sometimes.  So she can give you oh so much more. So the next time Ms. Universe gives you a challenge?  Go ahead and lament about it for a bit.  Vent to a friend.  Then take action:

  1. Take care of yourself.
  2. Find the positive in the challenge.  What is the desire behind the challenge that Miss Drama Queen doesn’t want you to see?
  3. Embrace that which is making you uncomfortable. Be grateful for the change that is coming. Because change may be granting you your desires.

It’s up to you…rock it or run?  I know you want to rock it.  So here is more inspiration for you to do just that.  Lord knows sometimes we need more that just the friendly written reminder.  (warm smile)  Love, Goddess

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