Listening to Our Beautiful Bodies

Last week was exhausting. The entire week was filled with late nights and early mornings. On days that I thought I could quit by 8 PM, relax and enjoy a glass of wine, I always found something else to do. For hours. And guess what? I still didn’t get all I wanted done.  Dramatic sigh.

Normally I work out 4-6 days a week. Last week I felt like doing zero. Less than zero. And then I felt guilty. I wanted to work out but didn’t have time and then when I had the time I was exhausted. Spent. I had nothing. I tried everything. Short videos and 10 min work outs on TV. Nothing. I put on my favorite music, kicked up my heals a few times and then said “…” it. Put your favorite adjective in the quotes. J

This from the woman who’s always telling you to go for your fun. Even for just a moment. The one who tells you to listen to what your body is telling you. Quoting the magnificent Louise Hay from “You Can Heal Your Life.” It happens to all of us. Too busy, too tired. It was a huge reminder for me: to not beat myself up, slow down and just listen to what my body was telling me.

And you know who reminded me of this? The fantastic Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser.  I listen to her radio show on Sunday mornings. And SHE went through the same thing last week! She, like me, tried everything to work out. She followed all her own rules. She just didn’t want to work out. So she gave herself a break. She decided to keep eating right and listen to her body and see what she was missing. Sure enough a few things she wanted to fix on “Biggest Loser” came up. She dealt with these issues and the energy came back. Serious girl crush ladies! Love love love her.

We all have people, projects and details in our lives that drain our energy. Sometimes we’re so busy managing these details that the details overpower the more important “energy drainers.“ Our bodies never let us down. Take a few moments to listen to it ladies, give yourself a break if your tired and just be. It’s amazing how quick you can identify the most important “to dos” and fix them. The we can get back on the fun band wagon!

 Recommended reading: 

Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life.”

Recommended to do:

Take a nap! Even better…take a nap in the warm sun and let the rays caress your beautiful curves. Heaven…

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Love, Goddess

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