Our Love Affair: Day One…

I’m so excited to fall in love today! Thank you for deciding to play with me. You’ve all made my day.  For our first day, there are three very important homework assignments.

A.  Adornment Assignment

The first one is to adorn yourself in something that makes you feel good. We’ll call it “Adornment Assignment.” You can do one little thing or a whole bunch. Your choice. Before I wrote this, I took a nice warm shower, put on my favorite fragrant body lotion and massaged my feet. I’m wearing my most comfortable outfit and my hair is loose and slightly wild. My favorite candle is encircling me with the fresh fragrance of grapefruit and cucumber…mmmmmm. Here are some ideas to adorn yourself with:

1. Something silky against your skin
2. A feather or poofy fragrance puff of some kind to tickle or caress yourself with
3. Glitter lotion, gel or powder
4. Stickers, gems, temporary tattoos-the stores are loaded right now with fun ones for Valentines
5. Lip Gloss in your favorite shade
6. Nothing…and some heels or yummy lotion/perfume (if you’re feeling slightly naughty!)

When you take this moment to adorn yourself, don’t just do it. Enjoy it. The scent, the feeling, the whatever you choose to do. Savor. The next time you do the “Adornment Assignment,” try to add on to your enjoyment. Ask yourself…what would make me feel good right now?

B.  Deeply Thankful

The second assignment is to be “Deeply Thankful.” Sit in the moment after you have adorned yourself and savored. Relax and be deeply thankful for all the amazing things in your life. Your beautiful body (name your favorite parts!) family, friends, creativity, etc. Take as long as you like. This may be a little hard to do at first: appreciation of yourself. But like with anything…practice makes perfect.

C.  Love Affair Journal

The third assignment is to really note how you feel. Write a short note in a lovely notebook or on a decorated word template (if you wish). Call it something hot like “My Love Affair Journal” or something. I’m going to do this right along with you. We can compare notes together.

As I give you assignments this week, use the first two assignments as your base. First things first: always pay tribute to you somehow, everyday. We will be adding on delicious and fun things for you to do all week. All designed to get you in touch with the laugh, love and play part of you. The celebration of the gorgeous, inner Goddess that is you. With love, laughter and play, Goddess

Tomorrow: Appreciation, Extra Credit Assignments and Men


© S Stevens Life Strategies

My Love Affair with Myself Passed on to You

It’s coming up, ladies…Valentines Day.  The concept is wonderful.  Let’s celebrate our love!  But the over-marketing has taken a lot of the joy out of it for me.  What will he get you…the wait and anticipation can drive you nuts.  And for the guy…he really has to produce something amazing.  And men LOVE to produce.  (upcoming blog)


 There was a great commercial on the radio last year.  Two guys were discussing Valentines Day.  They had no idea what to get their girlfriends.  Worse, the things that women love to receive they don’t really understand.  (Hello anything from Victoria’s Secret) They were dumbfounded on how to produce for their girlfriends.  “This is like her Super Bowl,” one says.  LOL.  Ladies, they get the importance to you and don’t want to disappoint you.  They just don’t understand all this forced lovey dovey stuff.  Like we don’t understand their fascination with football.  So…the solutions, fair ones?  Fall in love with yourself so one of the following will happen:



  1. You are able to communicate exactly what you would like to your man:  clearly, concisely one thing.  One want at a time.  Then be thankful and excited when he does it for you!
  2. If he does get the wrong thing, you still must appreciate his effort!  Anticipation of what he may do kills this for us.  And guys know we anticipate certain things and fear he won’t meet your expectations.  This is why you must thank and appreciate what he does.   He will see that you appreciate the effort he made and will be grateful you didn’t lose it on him.  (blogs coming up on how men deliberately test you)

Remember…most men DO NOT know what a woman wants.  (See earlier blog)  It takes patience, knowing exactly what makes you glow and clear communication to make him understand what you want.  This solution also works for the luscious single gals as well.  Hearing and seeing all the love from happy couples sometimes makes you want to throw a shoe at the TV.  Focus on lovely you, instead.  The world is so lucky to have YOU!!!! 

Your assignment today is your “Love Affair with Yourself.” 

  1. Do you know what your favorite chocolate is?  I conducted my own little chocolate survey.  I love Callebaut dark chocolate from Belgium and Teushcher Champagne Truffles.
  2. What would be the perfect date night for you?  Where would you go? Would you stay in and have your own little music or movie festival?
  3. Write a love letter to yourself.  What is fabulous about you?  Write it and post it up so you can enjoy it.  Put it on pink paper and perfume it like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

Have fun!  Love, Goddess

 © S Stevens Life Strategies