Admiration vs. Loving Yourself

This has been on my mind.   Admiration vs. Loving Yourself.

From The Free Online Dictionary:

ad·mi·ra·tion (dm-rshn) n. 1. A feeling of pleasure, wonder, and approval. See Synonyms at regard.

2. An object of wonder and esteem; a marvel.3. Archaic Wonder.

When I then look up “Loving Yourself,”  there seems to be a lot of negativity attached to it.   The first that struck me was the article on loving yourself and eating disorders.   I worked out today and have eaten healthy all week and that one still got to me.  It gave me an emotional reaction.  Remember my blog on how men use the emotional reaction button on women to get there way? I thought, wow.  Yes, women are bombarded with the “food and how they look emotional button” all the time.  That was depressing me so I unpushed the emotional button.  I did this by getting away from the negative and moving on to the positive.  I put my focus back on Admiration.

Admiration  1. A feeling of pleasure, wonder, and approval.  Doesn’t that feel better?  LOL.  So what do you admire about you, lovely one?  Is it your eyes? Skin? Ability to see the humor in everything?  Your smile, fun-loving nature or your killer business sense?  Can you get the best parking and free food wherever you go?  (Those are two of my talents!)  Have you raised amazing children, broken a record, run a marathon?  Do you cook the most amazing dish in the world, sing beautifully or can make anyone laugh?

My wish for you today is to bask in your accomplishments.  What makes you special!  Your talents and your achievements.  Big and small, silly and serious.   Next time you’re out with your friends, order a sexy drink and have a moment of “Admiration” for each girls’ talents.  Toast to them.   Share them with me so I can admire you and all you do, too!

With Love and Admiration, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies