Who is Strong For You?

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This post is a fine excuse to post a picture of a hot guy.  Josh Morrow from The Young and Restless.

Who is strong for you in your life?  Who makes you smile when you’re stressed, listens always and gives you a warm hug just because?

I was playing in Boston with a bunch of friends.  One I’m really close to.  Amazing man.  He’s going through a rough patch in his life, but is taking advantage of all the opportunities coming to him.  He is turning every adversarial wall into opportunity.  Which I admire.  Other people in his life, his Dad and his son, are going through major transitions.   His Dad and his son are leaning very hard on him with their problems.  He is being strong for himself and strong for everyone around him.  I felt his frustration as we were talking and I said:

Me:  “You’re being strong for everyone, ***.”

Him:  “Yes.”

Me:  “So who is being strong for you?”

Him:  “At the moment, no one really.”

Me:  “I’ll be strong for you.  Whatever you need, whenever you need to talk, vent or whatever.  I’ll be there.”

He is always there for me.  He does a lot for me.  I appreciate that SO much.  Last night he called and his voice was edgy.  He said he was exhausted.  I was there for him by making him laugh, being his “wing woman” and in a few other ways.  He thanked me and said “You’re wonderful.”  So is he.  I was just happy to make a wonderful person smile and forget about his problems.  Then he went right back to helping me.  Love is so reciprocal.  The ones that are there for you always are the ones that love you.  They teach you how to love.

Who is strong for you?  Your family?  Friends?  Lover?  Take a moment today to thank them, call them, tell them you’re thinking about them.  Make them smile.  Give them a warm hug.  They so deserve it.  It’s a simple way to not only send love back, but to open yourself up to more.  Love is an action.  So…just love.  (warm smile)   Love and a huge warm hug to you, Goddess

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