Cultivating a Sexy Sense of Mystery

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Too much information?  I don’t think so!  Image from the fab website Glitters 20:

Do you cultivate a sense of mystery?  Or does everyone know every little detail about you?  What you do every minute of the day?

I was prompted to write this because every time I open the internet I get way too much information about people I don’t know or care to know.  Like, really…do we need to know that Michael Douglas got cancer from too much oral sex?  I would have been mortified if I was Catherine Zeta Jones.   Oh and you feminists?  Aren’t you a little angry that this is yet another assault on our gorgeous pussies?  Like referring to our pussies as “junk,” now you can get cancer if you pleasure a woman too much.  The whole news story was SICK.  No pun intended.

Our private lives are no longer.  I am very selective about what I tell to people.  I share on my personal Facebook things I am up to in a general sort of way.  And it’s usually without a time frame.  I share with my clients examples from my life that can help them.   I want to be someone they can tell anything to.  Like their best friend.  So we can both move forward…together.   One of the things I teach my clients is to not share everything.  You don’t have to tell anyone anything.  You don’t have to share personal information.  Share with those you trust.  Be selective.  Let them earn your trust!  So in that spirit, let’s discuss cultivating a Sexy Sense of Mystery!

1.  Become comfortable with silence.  This is HUGE.  Does quiet make you nervous?  Do you feel as though you should be saying something?  This may be insecurity.  Don’t let insecurity be your guide.  That is so Drama Queen.  A Sassy Bitch is very comfortable with silence.  She knows the power of silence.  Cultivate and enjoy that power.

2.  Listen.  Don’t interrupt.  Put all your attention on the other person.  Smile and enjoy what they are saying to you.

3.  Speak softly…it draws people in and creates intimacy.

4.  Once you’ve mastered speaking softly, slow it down.  Marilyn Monroe had a beautiful voice.  If you ever hear her in interviews, it is hypnotic.

I discuss many more in my coaching courses and in my book Bitch Lifestyle the Manual but start with these 4.  Let me know how this goes on our Facebook page!  Love, Goddess

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Best Quote for Women EVER!

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. ~ Marilyn Monroe Quotes
Image from the fab web site Cute Picture Quotes:

Does this quote piss you off?

It is one of my favorites ever.  It is so dead on accurate.

Marilyn knew her power.  That’s just one of the reasons why women and men love her.

And why some women hate her.

Truth and the journey to find it is scary to some people.

The power is scary.

Not to a Sassy Bitch.

Embrace this quote beauties…from one of the Sassiest Bitches ever…Marilyn Monroe.


1.  Bitch Lifestyle on Facebook

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New Marilyn Monroe!

marilyn monroe, vibe-vixen-marilyn collection7
How cute is this? From Vibe Vixen

I am so excited for a new way to explore our girl crush, Marilyn Monroe!  I just found out that Macy’s has a new Marilyn Monroe clothes line!  Think about it…we can go to Macy’s, be inspired by the clothes and create our personal version of our girl Marilyn.  I found these pictures of the collection at Vibe Vixen: The New Style of Sexy.  Check out this fab site: Have fun!  I know I’m going to…Love, Goddess

marilyn monroe,vibe-vixen-marilyn collection1
More from the fab Vibe Vixen

 This comes in a gorgeous peony as well as black or white.  LOVE.

Explore and have fun!  Love, Goddess

For more on Marilyn:  Marilyn Monroe Ahead of Her Time

Frustrated with your relationships?  I have a simple do anywhere tool that will help you turn from Drama Queen to Sassy Bitch! 

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Your Fear With Men

Marilyn Monroe-way ahead of her time!  Quote and image from the website Quotes a Day:

Fear:  Chasing a man.

Strength:  Surrendering to your feminine and letting him take care of every luscious drop of gorgeous you.

Let this wash over you…Love, Goddess


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