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I love Michelle Yeoh.  She is gorgeous and goes after what she wants.   She doesn’t just succeed, she excels to heights of mastery and respect.  In her first movie “The Owl vs Bombo,” she was the beautiful damsel in distress.   The martial arts scenes in this movie fueled a desire to learn this ancient fighting art.  I can see the eye rolls and hear the doubt she must have dealt with.  But she did it!  She became hugely successful.  Not only in China, but world wide.

In “Tomorrow Never Dies,” Michelle Yeoh is the only Bond Girl to kick ass in 2—that’s right 2—action scenes solo.  No Bond, no problem.  She is such a special martial artist that they couldn’t find a double for her in Tomorrow Never Dies.   No one could match her talent, grace and expertise.  So she did all her fighting scenes.

Want more?  That’s her jumping and kicking and dominating a horde of male butts on a moving truck in  “Silver Hawk.” At the end of the scene, the men are crumpled at her feet.  Defeated.  Michelle:  Come on…let’s go…give me 5 more minutes?  Love it.  Just one of the reasons why Rotten Tomatoes has ranked her the greatest action heroine of all time?

And more still:  Michelle was nominated as Best Actress by the BAFTA for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” chosen as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in 1997 by People magazine, and is a supporter of the Save China’s Tigers project which aims at saving the endangered South China Tigerthrough re-wilding and release them into the wild.

Michelle has become a fantastic actress as well.  Besides her nomination for Best Actress for “Crouching Tiger,” she starred in “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Sunshine.”   Has she gone all “Hollywood?”  No.  She has this wonderful air of mystery about her because she has stayed who she is.  She lives in Hong Kong.  She’ll come out to her latest premiere, absolutely breathtaking and then disappear.   This is so much sexier than being caught wearing no underwear, the press discussing when you are going to jail or your latest romantic disaster.  Yawn.

So behold the gorgeous one, Michelle Yeoh.  I hereby crown her Queen Bitch of Martial Arts and Grace!  Love, Goddess

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